Dior Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2021 Collection

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Christian Dior

Il y a mois

Take your front-row seat and experience the Dior Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2021 collection by Maria Grazia Chiuri in real time!

Bryan Stib Varela
Bryan Stib Varela Il y a mois
Es precioso! Arte
Emmanuel Biguet
Emmanuel Biguet Il y a mois
Whaou. Juste magnifique. Bravo à l’équipe pour la réalisation et bien évidemment à la maison Dior pour la beauté des robes.
MADMEI Il y a mois
Can't afford but I would definitely wear the The Priestess one.
______ Il y a mois
Ксения Козловская
Ксения Козловская Il y a mois
zac camden
zac camden Il y a mois
looks like the next Taylor Swift video lol
Joseph Din
Joseph Din Il y a mois
Wow! what a story! so beautiful and so breathtaking... i loved every piece.
Common Girl
Common Girl Il y a mois
Beautiful and enchanting.. bravo Dior!
nadia kadri
nadia kadri Il y a mois
Magnifique !!!
Ani Ponce
Ani Ponce Il y a mois
Portland Grey
Portland Grey Il y a mois
Hauntingly beautiful. I am enchanted.
Yen Nguyen
Yen Nguyen Il y a mois
Very artistic and creative, good job.
The Harmonic Reactor
The Harmonic Reactor Il y a mois
Beautiful . But Full of Symbolism. I am sure not everyone will recognize what is this video truly about. Mixing male and female of your parts with bath initiation??? Very Cleaver Dior. Very cleaver. You play the chess game between good and evil well. But I was truly entertained . Thank you ;)
LetheMaghia Il y a mois
This is beautiful. I tend to not be so attracted to big designer names but these are all gorgeous, including the video itself. I also find their lead attractive with what seems to be a scar on her face? It's very nice to see a different form of perfection. I love tarot so much and the outfits are all so stunning and wonderfully made.
ivanka07 i
ivanka07 i Il y a mois
Omg, i wish they would do a second part with the rest of Major arcana!!! Incredible, soul's journey in self discovery going from inexperienced fool, deciding whats right, where to go, changing prospective, fiding balance , meeting the devel ect... Bravo!!
Infinite royalty By Brownin Taylor
Infinite royalty By Brownin Taylor Il y a mois
This is beautiful... fashion & spirituality.. the creativity to use the art of tarot is brilliant. Tarot is not just a fad like so many have thought it’s a real guidance through life’s journey that we are ultimately able to create better choices or follow the path laid out in the cards .. the energy IS fate until you change your mind on what you want. Thank you Dior for this beautiful journey!
OTTO CUBED Il y a mois
Anna K
Anna K Il y a mois
But I absolutely love the idea of tarot cards
Amber Hunt
Amber Hunt Il y a mois
The dark side always has to show up 😩😑
R J Ravelo V
R J Ravelo V Il y a mois
Absolutely beautiful. Bravo!
Katie Noriega
Katie Noriega Il y a mois
How magnificent!! I am hypnotised
Dolores Gamboa
Dolores Gamboa Il y a mois
Tengamos en cuenta que el andrógino es el género de las nuevas generaciones cada vez más notable ☯️
Dolores Gamboa
Dolores Gamboa Il y a mois
Yo interpreto que el corto de los Arcanos simboliza el nacimiento de andrógino Orus , hijo de ISIS y de su hermano Osiris , todas los tarot están basados en las antiguas civilizaciones Egipcias, Sumerias, Babilónicos,Griegas leer investigaciones del arquitecto historiador Pedro Bustamante especialista en el tema Genial el corto 💥
Elizabeth Carrillo
Elizabeth Carrillo Il y a mois
Me encantó todo, es magnifico. Representa a la mayoría de los árcanos mayores del tarot y su significado!
aman aurora
aman aurora Il y a mois
This is definitely, the utmost spectacular haute couture collection presentation I have ever witnessed. A compelling story, an intriguing theme, and a mysterious disposition.
Naturelle Il y a mois
I love the fact that Maria and Virginie from Chanel chooses astronomi in their collection too..
Taisiya Arhipova
Taisiya Arhipova Il y a mois
high art ♥
beejls Il y a mois
Lovely. Thank you. Really enjoyed the fashions and presentation.
Christian Kaufmann
Christian Kaufmann Il y a mois
Meraviglioso tutto.
sitamun Il y a mois
Spellbindingly beautiful
Venya Bandara
Venya Bandara Il y a mois
I- ...... i don't think i can explain in words how brilliant and beautiful this collection and the presentation of it is. Truly a masterpiece.
Angie Haciendo cosas
Angie Haciendo cosas Il y a mois
Juan WLADISLAO Sarmiento
Juan WLADISLAO Sarmiento Il y a mois
genial !!! me encantó che!!
别振杰 Il y a mois
Is that two girls?
CocoPaulette Il y a mois
Love the designs. I wish there was more focus on them. I didn't like the tarot theme, but thanks for sharing.
Monica Lazar
Monica Lazar Il y a mois
Magic & art alchemy! 💖
kae s
kae s Il y a mois
pure perfection
Анна Сергеева
Анна Сергеева Il y a mois
Malle _4321
Malle _4321 Il y a mois
Stay safe and happy 💚🇩🇰😎
Jonathan Daniel
Jonathan Daniel Il y a mois
Love Dior
Juanma Martínez
Juanma Martínez Il y a mois
Andrew Jimenez
Andrew Jimenez Il y a mois
Dior as Film and Fashion. A match is made and story told. Gracias!
Huyền Mai
Huyền Mai Il y a mois
This is such a masterpiece! I love it totally, from the costumes to the music, the cinematic Medieval vibe! Great job Dior
TheLighthouseNr1 Il y a mois
WOW - dream and fall in love with yourself
La Vida Bebida
La Vida Bebida Il y a mois
Funny how there is almost 200.000 views, but only 47 comments, and none is negative... Deleting comments much?
Анастасия М
Анастасия М Il y a mois
Its amazing
Vanessa Mendes Da Silva
Vanessa Mendes Da Silva Il y a mois
my first outfit will be a dior dress when i arrived
Vanessa Mendes Da Silva
Vanessa Mendes Da Silva Il y a mois
diooorrrr.. i‘m in heaven
Kalvert Yeo
Kalvert Yeo Il y a mois
Beautiful as always, but Tarots? Again??
Angela Calvi
Angela Calvi Il y a mois
Magnifico.. ❤️
MiMi Coat
MiMi Coat Il y a mois
Incroyable Magnifique Merci 🔮✨🙏🏾✨
尻之呼吸 Il y a mois
Wtf this is so beautiful, I dead Maria
Sara6 Il y a mois
Sublime i can hear Ecco sound of Magic come alive , Dior you found it the beauty of oneself lies hidden within once own soul. Alas dress is but mirage of that journey we take. Who am I is the ever eternal infinite witness and experiencer ..........in primordial waters unveiled is the potential . Bravo Dior
Any Pachao Flores
Any Pachao Flores Il y a mois
Fashion for me its like conection!
samina najafdari
samina najafdari Il y a mois
That was the most beautiful thing I've seen in at least two past years
Dianne DeMarco
Dianne DeMarco Il y a mois
Stunning 🧡
Светлана Некрасова
Светлана Некрасова Il y a mois
Да уж, не думала, что DIOR приветствует лезбиянок 🤔😏
Sukross Il y a mois
I love it! That’s art! Musik (Andrea Farri), looks and clothes are magnifique! 😍
Jo Alburjas
Jo Alburjas Il y a mois
Felicidades Maravilloso Gracias
Darcy Rosner
Darcy Rosner Il y a mois
what a joy you bbrought to so many of us during this difficult time. thank you so much for this. i sincerely hope you consider making a major arcana deck of cards for us tarot readers to cherish.
sza sza
sza sza Il y a mois
This makes me buy now
Iam Joergen
Iam Joergen Il y a mois
For all the lesbian there you have the right to rewind this 🤭 over and over again
Chloe Flower
Chloe Flower Il y a mois
one day I want to compose the music for a Dior ad WOW! beautiful
ZEN CHAN Il y a mois
Patricia Karlen
Patricia Karlen Il y a mois
Zena Cheong
Zena Cheong Il y a mois
This was amazing, so enthralled by the characterisation and outfits, and the instrumental phenomenal.
ladup4it Il y a mois
DIOR once again leading the way in creativity, class & style in its own unique way.
micah mackenzie
micah mackenzie Il y a mois
17remie Il y a mois
J'adore! Beautiful! ❤
Sam Il y a mois
cy_ Il y a mois
Gorgeous film making. Beautiful storytelling. And using tarot as the alternative universe are really interesting.
Rayne Forresy
Rayne Forresy Il y a mois
Beautiful.. Despite not showing the whole cast of tarot, they still manage to build a good story. Really didnt think that the boy and girl is the actual the lovers
Eleonora K
Eleonora K Il y a mois
Rico Nguyễn
Rico Nguyễn Il y a mois
I love tarot and this collection is quite good 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
jette vae
jette vae Il y a mois
I love this so much
Edrian Cañete
Edrian Cañete Il y a mois
What tarot cards Dior referenced?????
Dtherex Il y a mois
The collection this year is about medieval and celestial its my fav style!! (Tarot style)
Dtherex Il y a mois
This made me feel something i never felt before, like this should be a movie series ❤️
Elena Alexandra
Elena Alexandra Il y a mois
Arte allo stadio puro! Rivoluzionario, che dire: Complimenti !
Bad habit
Bad habit Il y a mois
Thanks for the inspiration for my shots tomorrow.
lucia defalco
lucia defalco Il y a mois
La forza poetica di Maria Grazia Chiuri . Complimenti a tutti
tangui Akouo
tangui Akouo Il y a mois
La scénographie est exceptionnelle, les images sont magnifiques et les tenues sublimes. Depuis que Maria grazia est arrivée Dior est monté d'un niveau. Dans cette vidéo ,le défilé égyptien et marocain de l'année dernière le travail sur le tissu est époustouflant. Dommage qu'on ne retrouve pas ce même travail sur l'homme. De plus le travail fait en marketing et la com avec les ambassadrices, les influenceuses, sur les réseaux pffff il n'y a pas photo c'est la meilleure marque au monde. Je n'ai qu'un seul regret : ne pas être une femme pour essayer vos vêtements.
Millo Millo
Millo Millo Il y a mois
Increible y bella interpretación del Tarot ☀⭐🌙
Fran Ramis
Fran Ramis Il y a mois
Everything is so well made, perfect and beautiful 💖 I loved the story, the clothes, music and how you used the Tarot cards as inspiration. Congratulations 👏
L O Il y a mois
I haven't seen a collection this artistic and beautiful in years!! Dior is setting a bar again.
ARMY Blink
ARMY Blink Il y a mois
nhìn đẹp ghê mà không có tiền :((
Photographe Demode
Photographe Demode Il y a mois
Great idea that didn't work: casting totally off, no acting skills detectable, art direction incoherent with historical references askew. Note: 7/20
Sofia Paz Schwartz
Sofia Paz Schwartz Il y a mois
saben lo que me gusta de esto? que es completamente narrativo. yo estudio cine y mi primer fue y es la moda. Sra Chiuri, millones de gracias por crear un universo con estructura coral completamente fiel a la diégesis, amé la forma en que se presenta el camino de nuestro personaje, y es como el tarot, es el camino de los arcanos mayores, es la historia de las personas representada por el divague de nuestro personaje. gracias desde argentina @ChristianDior thank you so much for this history
the most enjoyable show i ever watch (on youtube ofc) so amazing, beautiful and daaaaaaaaaamn those dresses superb!!!
TWISTED WIND Il y a mois
But where's the Emperor, Papa, Chariot, Temperance, Judgment, World ?
G.R Il y a mois
sole Stan
sole Stan Il y a mois
alucinante!!!! excelente!!!!!
Wahyu Hidayat
Wahyu Hidayat Il y a mois
Awesome ✨
HYOSUB KIM Il y a mois
kub diop
kub diop Il y a mois
W O W, next level !!
Alejandro Jose Bonilla
Alejandro Jose Bonilla Il y a mois
This is remarkable, I am speechless.
Rezonans Il y a mois
W.O.W. Incredibly beautifull.
Feride Il y a mois
nadiah najib
nadiah najib Il y a mois
Its like being transported to another realm of fantasy.. wow
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