KOF XV|MEITENKUN|Character Trailer #2 (4K)【TEAM HERO】

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Il y a mois

THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV is coming 2021!
新作対戦格闘ゲーム『THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV』、2021年に発売決定!
신작 대전격투게임 “더 킹 오브 파이터즈 XV” 2021년에 발매 결정!
对战格斗游戏新作『THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV』决定于2021年发售!
對戰格鬥遊戲新作『THE KING OF FIGHTERS XV』決定於2021年發售!

JeMoJaKu Il y a 3 jours
Me when someone woke me up from my deep sleep.
Look Nofurther
Look Nofurther Il y a 7 jours
Link maldoso
Link maldoso Il y a 8 jours
Snk lança kof XIII pra ps4 por favor
Chris C
Chris C Il y a 10 jours
damn thats crazy. will kof15 have rollback netcode so the game will be playable online?
Blaze Il y a 10 jours
We finally get to see him actually try
Fraise K
Fraise K Il y a 11 jours
"2021 Game"
Israel González
Israel González Il y a 11 jours
DLV los nuevos diseños de personajes, todos puñales
Devin Nelson
Devin Nelson Il y a 11 jours
My new main
藤野奨平 Il y a 11 jours
明天君 鈴木福
Suketoudara Il y a 12 jours
SNK's specialty, shotacon trap. SNKのお家芸、ショタコンホイホイ
Dominick Destine
Dominick Destine Il y a 12 jours
[ *Hochimachi Suisei would like to know your location* ]
Bemk Il y a 13 jours
if u want to make it into 3D, try to make it like Injustice 2. ur graphic is worse
Jofhrey Corpuz
Jofhrey Corpuz Il y a 14 jours
i wish a serious monk character will be added
Irmãos Gamers!!
Irmãos Gamers!! Il y a 18 jours
Incrível só falta ter um trailer do kim né 😅😅
xristo702 Il y a 18 jours
I don't care for pajama Bao.... hopefully some cool characters make a return!!
ameer nurhaqeem
ameer nurhaqeem Il y a 16 jours
His Different from bao
Rodrigo Tomé
Rodrigo Tomé Il y a 20 jours
Great character old school style :)
TEN NO SHiN'EN ZARA Il y a 20 jours
Yesss favorite character confirmed definitely wont "sleep" on this news
Ian Martínez
Ian Martínez Il y a 21 jour
I’m waiting for Athena
Luján Leiva
Luján Leiva Il y a 21 jour
Wanna to see superhero new in the Game like robot mecha as bubblegum crisis or bride voltagefighter i don't like they girl meintenkun
ameer nurhaqeem
ameer nurhaqeem Il y a 16 jours
Meitekun is a boy lol he only just look like a cute boy like anime does
Core Concept FGC
Core Concept FGC Il y a 23 jours
KOFXIII Rollback Please!!!
Sothy Chan
Sothy Chan Il y a 23 jours
Personage inutile ! 👎👎👎
Adrian Savage
Adrian Savage Il y a 24 jours
Tiene muchas similitudes con Bao, mas vale que no sea un reemplazo de el >:v
Mubayashi Gaming
Mubayashi Gaming Il y a 24 jours
Is there any chance hinako gonna make a apperance in kof 15
Elijah Dan
Elijah Dan Il y a 26 jours
There's only 1 thing I want to know!!! Did they put back in Kim's detailed pants animation?
Marlon T.
Marlon T. Il y a 27 jours
Still look like cartoon. When will you show up like Tekken 7 Graphics. I dont have Expectation anyway.
ameer nurhaqeem
ameer nurhaqeem Il y a 16 jours
Kof never fit to be Tekken graphic some games is not fit to be full 3D
VEGA MASTER Il y a 27 jours
ameer nurhaqeem
ameer nurhaqeem Il y a 16 jours
Shut up idior
Mystic m jhun
Mystic m jhun Il y a 27 jours
Cadê o Jhun hoon snk?
Adlan Haris Animet
Adlan Haris Animet Il y a 28 jours
I know that i'm going to like this character already😊😊👌
Aranarth78 Il y a 28 jours
The animations of this character are MUCH better than the other 3 we've seen so far. I wonder why.
OutFreak28 Il y a 28 jours
Those Bao moves lol
ameer nurhaqeem
ameer nurhaqeem Il y a 16 jours
Bao literally play different
Bowling Dude
Bowling Dude Il y a 28 jours
A LITERAL pillow fighter
Adrian Savage
Adrian Savage Il y a mois
Se confirmo que el tema del trailer de benimaru sera el oficial del hero team, entonces este queda volando, sera el de los psycho soldier?
Basil Bloomer
Basil Bloomer Il y a mois
shatter all expectations like rollback netcode?
C. G.
C. G. Il y a mois
This is what Rival Schools 3 should look like!!!
complifunnynation Il y a mois
Waiting for ash crimson to return in kof xv.
Tutoriales y Mas
Tutoriales y Mas Il y a mois
please team up kyo with iori and chizuru
Just_in_time 99
Just_in_time 99 Il y a mois
He's adorable! I can't wait to play as him! Such am awesome moveset :D
Docang Il y a mois
"Shatter all expectations".... You don't say
267 TV
267 TV Il y a mois
Fuck china money
Avenge Basketball
Avenge Basketball Il y a mois
Naruto looks different here
俺達の楽園 Il y a mois
DIIOSIX - Il y a mois
É o locutor do Tekken no final do vídeo? LOL
HappyLee Il y a mois
The graphic looks a lot worse than KOFXIV. BTW, come on, you call this 4K? It looks like 480p sharpened image.
cosmosofinfinity Il y a mois
Loving the music!
Romarciney Torres
Romarciney Torres Il y a mois
E o the King of fighter's todos os tempos
El Gamer Cosplayer
El Gamer Cosplayer Il y a mois
el getón
B. Grinder
B. Grinder Il y a mois
Jin Chonrei, SNK! Please. 😶✊🏻
Sebastiaan Buwalda
Sebastiaan Buwalda Il y a mois
he's so cuuuutttteeee aaaaaaah
goldentrophy Il y a mois
Here's hoping SNK follows a unique dlc characters inclusion like Namco/Neatherealms (Team Capcom: with Gen/Feilong/Chun Li new china team) (Team WWE The Undertaker/Becky Lynch/Roman Reigns) and last but not least (Team Tekken: Heihachi/Kazuya/Jin)
Miguel Eduardo Sánchez
Miguel Eduardo Sánchez Il y a mois
Why they thought it was a good idea to include a character that fight with a pillow?
ameer nurhaqeem
ameer nurhaqeem Il y a 16 jours
He has his reason why he using pillow
Batman Il y a mois
Sleepy *TRAP*
Rhadamanthys Il y a mois
Boneco ridículo do caralho, tragam os clássicos.
yostin rdz
yostin rdz Il y a mois
Viva México no o yes
darwin chido
darwin chido Il y a mois
Tizoc daimon lee lucky plis
macsign Il y a mois
I know you're thinking guys. "Nerf Meitenkun" same as KOFXIV. I'm crossing my fingers so SNK won't listen
ameer nurhaqeem
ameer nurhaqeem Il y a 16 jours
Shun ei and benimaru need to be adjust their op in kof 14
Andrew Nguyen
Andrew Nguyen Il y a mois
So, that Chinese team's brand new fight song for this game. I wonder whether or not it reveals Master Tung today or tomorrow this week, or whoever will be the new member of their team?
Robson Shannon
Robson Shannon Il y a mois
SNK Eu te amo!!!!
Common걍인간 Il y a mois
우리 쿄랑 이오리좀 보여주슈
heroic desire
heroic desire Il y a mois
If there's no official K' trailer, Im RIOT!!
Elton Paul
Elton Paul Il y a mois
Please Add Rock Howard, Adelheid and Duo Lon in the same team with their own story modes from the get go. It be really good seeing their story unlike kof xiv
Han Kim
Han Kim Il y a mois
Zoom in character show us a few changes, however in game scenes look pretty much same rubbish as KOF14 it feels Frames are still less smoother than KOF2002
Picolloss Namexios
Picolloss Namexios Il y a mois
Here Comes.... the 2002 vanilla worshiper.
Sgt. Pepper
Sgt. Pepper Il y a mois
characters look waaaay better than kof xiv but the stages are kinda lifeless and boring
MultiTYSON007 Il y a mois
I can't stop watching these trailers lol. Im so hyped for this game
Moulin13 Il y a mois
Meitenkun looks like a Samurai Shodown character, I knew SNK was going to reuse the Samsho graphics for the new KOF
MILI Il y a mois
The game looks absolutely amazing!
Samara Alexandre dos santos
Samara Alexandre dos santos Il y a mois
Cade o iore
Gilson Gonzaga
Gilson Gonzaga Il y a mois
SNK starts pre-ordering for Xbox One and PS4 soon, so I really want to buy the game in advance at the Microsoft Store for Xbox consoles!
Gilson Gonzaga
Gilson Gonzaga Il y a mois
Gilson Gonzaga
Gilson Gonzaga Il y a mois
SNK começa a logo a pré-venda para Xbox One e PS4, por favor quero muito comprar o jogo antecipadamente na loja microsoft Store para os consoles Xbox!
Denti César
Denti César Il y a mois
não sabemos das plataformas ainda, talvez venha só pra next gen, talvez seja só pra playstation igual o XIV, talvez seja pra todas as plataformas possíveis, veremos no futuro...
Qnzdipset1 Il y a mois
This is the same game as kof14 only difference is that it is finally fully detailed.
Raliuga999 Il y a mois
@Qnzdipset1 It's not the same engine, for KOFXIV SNK used a "home made engine" an unique engine developed by SNK obviusly it don't had the same power as many engines in the market that are standar for videogames develope, but was cheaper, now SNK is using Unreal Engine, the standar engine for most games, Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter 5 make use of it and SNK already have used it in Samurai Shodown. All companies re-use animations, in fighting games are more notisable, you can still see animations from SFIV in SFV, maybe the 3D models have change, but the animations for hits or damage still the same. You can se the 3D models here looks better, not only for the lighting of the Unreal Engine, they have remade the hair, in KOFXIV the hair was mainly a bunch of plain textures, now here the hair are poligones, that's a big change. Yeah, SNK have reused many things from KOFXIV animations and models just like the sprite work from KOF96 until XI were practically the same, but models looks more polyshed here, the hair is just a little change, but if SNK is re-using all what they have from KOFXIV, just making little changes and polishing the models, then that means they have had a lots of chances to make many new things, new characters, better scenarios and who knows, they said this KOF will be the most ambitious game they have done until now. I don't thing this will be like KOFXIV for any means.
Qnzdipset1 Il y a mois
@Raliuga999 right but it's the same engine so it will play the same in regards to characters animation, movement etc will feel the same. For instance in kox 96 through 2003 of you did 236p with kyo it always felt the same. This is essentially the same game with updated models and yes the fighting system will be slightly different.
Raliuga999 Il y a mois
SNK always change KOF gameplay each iteration, you can't mention two KOF games that play the same.
Qnzdipset1 Il y a mois
@Starhealer 3 keep telling yourself that. We'll see when it comes out.
Starhealer 3
Starhealer 3 Il y a mois
It's not the same
John Muñoz
John Muñoz Il y a mois
Blody roar?
Kasai5 Il y a mois
Laura ougis???
Arthur Il y a mois
Personagem ridículo parece uma criança o jogo tinha uns rock top porrada agora eles me vem com esses personagens de hentai 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🧠🧠🧠🕳️🕳️🕳️🕳️🕳️🕳️🕳️🕳️🕳️
scrub lord
scrub lord Il y a mois
i beat you are a chris or bao main
full bones
full bones Il y a mois
Oxi, o Chris e o kensou são bem adultos por acaso, não enche saco mermão, deixa os cara trabalhar
Dodomezaki-san and Chipp
Dodomezaki-san and Chipp Il y a mois
When the second trailer has more views then the first trailer:
huevonesunltd Il y a mois
This is the character for the female fatty demographic
huevonesunltd Il y a mois
I am glad SNK is listening but still , i gotta say: Rollback or no buy, no play, no recommend. We got enough "discord games" around.
Jade Knight
Jade Knight Il y a mois
Who are even these people? Why is that kid sleepy all the time? Is this a joke? And what's with the other kid's outfit? Sorry, but these new character designs look really dumb.
Jade Knight
Jade Knight Il y a mois
@Starhealer 3 Did they? Where, in XIV? I remember seeing the wacky girl with the giant googly eyes attached to her head and then I rolled my own eyes and said: whelp, time to skip this game.
Starhealer 3
Starhealer 3 Il y a mois
@Jade Knight you know that this character appeared before right?
Jade Knight
Jade Knight Il y a mois
@Damo Jackson I understand what they're going for with the subversion of expectations, but I don't think it works at all. Being sleepy is the completely opposite of a fighting technique. Not even the guy from Guilty Gear who is literally bedridden looks that sleepy, for crying out loud!
Damo Jackson
Damo Jackson Il y a mois
In the comic its explained by his master Tung that while sleeping he has access to his full potential and his Ki is always recharging. Its a technique.
Saul Noriega
Saul Noriega Il y a mois
The most stupid character ever A sleepy boy/girl with a pillow 🤦🏻‍♂️ Why u do that asshole ???
Starhealer 3
Starhealer 3 Il y a mois
You know that this character has appeared befire right?
wapocombos Il y a mois
Agent Bacalhau
Agent Bacalhau Il y a mois
This is def an improvement, thanks for listening SNK! There's still room for a little more, but the fact that the community has been heard is reassuring
TheN3xus 79
TheN3xus 79 Il y a mois
customize character
Randumbness Il y a mois
Hoping the narrator recovers from their cold 🥺🙏 Maybe they can have someone else with enough vocal and nasal power to cover for them!
Gui Santos - Games Retro & MUGEN
Gui Santos - Games Retro & MUGEN Il y a mois
WAY better than the previous trailer.
Roxtard Il y a mois
Include Challenges and Trials with unlockable content like 2002 UM and XIII,
miko foin
miko foin Il y a mois
logan buri
logan buri Il y a mois
Marco Garcia
Marco Garcia Il y a mois
Way better than last weeks! I know its still early, but my only nit pick would be for the characters to react to the lighting around them, so they dont look like they’re just been placed over a back drop. Looking good!
miko foin
miko foin Il y a mois
This OST is so amazing
Mario Gabriel Ramírez Martínez
Mario Gabriel Ramírez Martínez Il y a mois
No ponen a otros personajes pero si al webon
sean2dgodTV Il y a mois
the puke
Xuastiger Il y a mois
Jin Chonrei will it be next? Pls!!!
MR. KARATE Il y a mois
fucking china
Picolloss Namexios
Picolloss Namexios Il y a mois
@으어어 he's not even chinese bruh. Look at his name
으어어 Il y a mois
@ameer nurhaqeem fuckyou china free hk
ameer nurhaqeem
ameer nurhaqeem Il y a mois
Nothing wrong with China team we have Korean team racist ass
damieN Il y a mois
Hey guys I need your opinion on this.. Which is better 14 or 15? I’m planning to get the 14 since it got good reviews but then the 15 is coming out soon so should i wait for it or should i just get the 14? Alot of people been telling me to wait for the 15 instead since it has better graphics and gameplay! help!
damieN Il y a mois
@Damo Jackson I'll be spending more then 😂 anyway thanks for the advice I'll think about it!
Damo Jackson
Damo Jackson Il y a mois
Get 14 so you can be skilled at 15 when it releases. The combo timing for KOF is much more difficult than Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter.
ameer nurhaqeem
ameer nurhaqeem Il y a mois
Just wait for kof 15
Gabriel Ernesto
Gabriel Ernesto Il y a mois
beautiful trailler, I'm really hoping Angel will come back in this edition too 😊
Dong Hwan
Dong Hwan Il y a mois
RIP KOF 1994 ~ 2021
Starhealer 3
Starhealer 3 Il y a mois
Denti César
Denti César Il y a mois
최도현 Il y a mois
ZZang Gae
Pifia036 Il y a mois
Picolloss Namexios
Picolloss Namexios Il y a mois
Ask capcom lol
Starhealer 3
Starhealer 3 Il y a mois
Capcom didn't shared the money of the games with SNK wich means that it wont happen cause SNK dont want to get tricked by Capcom again
Gyula Rafael
Gyula Rafael Il y a mois
Orochi and orochi team. Pls come back 😍😍😍😍
Navid Khan
Navid Khan Il y a mois
SNK if you want to build a good hype you put in trailers of the characters that represents the franchise at first ....Kyo and Iori should get dropped before anyone else...Look at Guilty gear...the first trailer always have Sol badguy and Kiske...In that way you build the good hype through the face of your brand
Navid Khan
Navid Khan Il y a mois
@Starhealer 3 Understand the diff btw face of the brand and games protagonists...Kyo and Iori are characters who anyone, even beyond the hardcore fan of the franchise, links to KOF without thinking twice...Instead of starting off with poorly designed protagonist's like Shun Ei you are better off showing cut clips of solid characters who are unmistakably KOF and then go in a run with the new characters trailers and gamepley...In that way you have a solid base for your advertising and no one complains
ameer nurhaqeem
ameer nurhaqeem Il y a mois
@Starhealer 3 his a new guy who doesn't know kyo will not be in the main cover when they have new protagonist kyo and iori will still be in cover but small
Starhealer 3
Starhealer 3 Il y a mois
Bruh, you know that Kyo hasn't been the protagonist since 98 right? And they showed Kyo on the first trailer. Every KoF saga has a different protagonist.(K, Ash, Shun'ei) even in the intros of the NEST saga Kyo barely appears and it only focuses on K
Kojiro Genji
Kojiro Genji Il y a mois
Will this video game available for Xbox? Please, say yes.
ch farias
ch farias Il y a mois
Yeah. Another snk remaster since 96.
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