Stick Figure - "World on Fire" (Full Album)

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Stick Figure

Il y a an

New album "World on Fire" out NOW. Listen here:
stickfiguremusic New album "World on Fire" out NOW. Listen here:

Igor Bubnov
Igor Bubnov Il y a 5 heures
У нас появился новый Bob Marley. Ура!
Adam Sigi
Adam Sigi Il y a 7 heures
Made My Day better✨ ❤️💚💛✨
Michael Nepia
Michael Nepia Il y a 23 heures
Never heard of these guys in my life but now it's my favourite. WHAT A GEM
Filet mignon
Filet mignon Il y a jour
Needed to come back here for a moment to get away.. thanks again SF! love you! fun in the sun, always on the run
Nestor Alain Ruiz Colman
Nestor Alain Ruiz Colman Il y a jour
Entren en sus aros de angeles....pudranse
Michael Valicenti
Michael Valicenti Il y a jour
Great album - still hit dislike because the ads f*** the whole thing up. Time to hit the pirate!!
mxrco pae
mxrco pae Il y a 2 jours
Increíble álbum de los anuncios :c
Kay Zee
Kay Zee Il y a 4 jours
Pure gold ☮️☮️☮️✅💯💯💯
Micah Cloclo
Micah Cloclo Il y a 5 jours
I got high but didn’t even smoke listening
Soda Rehberi
Soda Rehberi Il y a 10 heures
this is the feeling I felt in 2017 when I listened to "Rebelution" the reggae band, and discovered Reggae for the first time.
Alejandro Il y a 8 jours
Chill with the ads, I cant even listen to one song without a ad
Zac Il y a 4 jours
start the video with only a few seconds left, and then hit the "Replay" button when it's over and BOOM no more ads. Make sure the "autoplay" feature is turned off though or else it will play the next recommended video
AMV. Guy
AMV. Guy Il y a 8 jours
You guys change my view
Manambay Darell
Manambay Darell Il y a 8 jours
2021 check ive been allways play thiss songs i loveeeeeee so mucchhhh stick figure songaas👌👌
Ewerton Almeida
Ewerton Almeida Il y a 9 jours
peace album, this is so gooood
Mwsqz Il y a 9 jours
beautiful art and music
Ranger72 Il y a 9 jours
great album
Dea B
Dea B Il y a 10 jours
I don't know why, but this gives me Peace... :)
Ronald De Groot
Ronald De Groot Il y a 11 jours
Absolute masterpiece. This and Matisyahu's album; Akeda are both great albums for lowering your stress levels.
Ricky Lafleur
Ricky Lafleur Il y a 11 jours
I fucking love this band! Saved my life
haven heidbrink
haven heidbrink Il y a 11 jours
Thank you for being you all
j b
j b Il y a 14 jours
Too many ads
Jacob Robinson
Jacob Robinson Il y a 14 jours
David Bedicz
David Bedicz Il y a 14 jours
Thank you for creating this music! The vibration of it I imagine, largescale like a 16,000 person rave on the beach. Everyone feeling it
Proview82 Il y a 14 jours
Official Stick Figure fan here! So Cal Pacific Coast Highway Vibin'
Hans Forgetty
Hans Forgetty Il y a 14 jours
I have to say one of the best random clicks I ever clicked bravo bravo
Zewde Bezabh
Zewde Bezabh Il y a 15 jours
U are the best figure
Terence McKenna
Terence McKenna Il y a 16 jours
James Smith
James Smith Il y a 16 jours
If Stick Figure and MAGIC! did a collaboration album together it would absolutely slay. Someone way up in the universe's importance scale, please make this happen for the FRfix community.
Isaiah Butera
Isaiah Butera Il y a 16 jours
Order it, go get it, roll/pack it, smoke it, and pass out music♡
marcelo andrade
marcelo andrade Il y a 16 jours
Станислав Губин
Станислав Губин Il y a 17 jours
The Gooch Bros
The Gooch Bros Il y a 18 jours
No ads thanks guys and gals of Stick Figure:)
Modernart Property Services
Modernart Property Services Il y a 18 jours
Great tone, sound & message!
Yosef Getahun
Yosef Getahun Il y a 19 jours
music man pure music! love it
The Tin Man
The Tin Man Il y a 19 jours
Ga dam commercials!
Miquel Andreu
Miquel Andreu Il y a 19 jours
Joel L
Joel L Il y a 21 jour
This band is my happy place
ramona harlander
ramona harlander Il y a 21 jour
So cool..... wonderful music for soul 🎶🌴🌊💚💙☀😇🙏 great from Austria
Carol Weidig
Carol Weidig Il y a 22 jours
Ladies and Gentlemen....don't you Love this ONE, I do!!!
Aefaeduardo Eduardo
Aefaeduardo Eduardo Il y a 22 jours
rokka222 Il y a 22 jours
It's fire, c'mon people. Dislike this? Insane. It's fire.
MarlbBlack Il y a 22 jours
Here I am, here I stand... I've got to make it all right.. "I've" you all ;)
Nancy Luna
Nancy Luna Il y a 23 jours
Loni L
Loni L Il y a 24 jours
LOVE this song!!!
bilal meziane
bilal meziane Il y a 24 jours
wally jr
wally jr Il y a 25 jours
My dog loved stick figure as much as I did. He was there with my cranking every album 10k times old and when the new stuff came out he was there with me to hear it for the first time. We both had the same deep emotional connection to your music and even though he’s gone that will never change or be forgotten. Thank you Scott, Kevin, Kevin and suli. I can’t express my gratitude I have for your music. Rest In Peace Wally.
Axel Petre
Axel Petre Il y a 18 jours
They're Alive!
They're Alive! Il y a 19 jours
RIP Wally
Naomi Towes
Naomi Towes Il y a 20 jours
U sed keven two times Lol🤣
Parodiko Il y a 26 jours
A fucking awesome album
Jack Chambers
Jack Chambers Il y a 26 jours
Wow !!! Totally cosmic.
Intelligent Gamer
Intelligent Gamer Il y a 27 jours
Vince Eberman aka rootical_vincebassie
Vince Eberman aka rootical_vincebassie Il y a 28 jours
Been a roots reggae fan all my life so it was hard to give this album a chance due to the climate of reggae music,but I just say I love the vibez.big up stick figure keep putting the message in the song!boom!
Rendy Parlay
Rendy Parlay Il y a 28 jours
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Slick Lilly
Slick Lilly Il y a 29 jours
I love you Cocoa and Stick!
Jacob Nelson
Jacob Nelson Il y a 29 jours
Do it for you
Jacob Nelson
Jacob Nelson Il y a 29 jours
Keep shinning.
sam h
sam h Il y a 29 jours
One of the greatest albums ever made
Jonathan Vickers
Jonathan Vickers Il y a mois
Weather getting nicer=listening to Stick Figure. This album is getting "worn out."
Giovani Gil
Giovani Gil Il y a 24 jours
Nathanael Schubert
Nathanael Schubert Il y a mois
Nice Music
jessebk20 _
jessebk20 _ Il y a mois
i wish i could click the "like button" twice!
BEÇO TV Il y a mois
David Eggers
David Eggers Il y a mois
Love me some stick figure!!!
dawai gocha
dawai gocha Il y a mois
Hey Stick, they playing Babylonian brainwashing ads in the middle of every song bro
Free TTV
Free TTV Il y a mois
Good music but the adverts are a piss take
Ronald Alberto
Ronald Alberto Il y a mois
Porque hay personas que no les gusta esta música 🤔🤷🏼‍♂️
Trent Blanch
Trent Blanch Il y a mois
I remember when I found these guys on pandora. I'm only now starting to listen to more of their stuff and I just can't stop listening to them. I love every song, it's so soothing 😌
PsychicSploob Il y a mois
So sad I hadn't found this before lol
Phillipe Raul
Phillipe Raul Il y a mois
This album talks to me on another level, when i find a girl who loves it as much as i do, its gonna be a great day
Powertech Grows
Powertech Grows Il y a mois
Absolutely loving this album, but I turn 40 this weekend so my neighbors are going to absolutely hate it hahaha
Angela K
Angela K Il y a mois
Mariuca Il y a mois
Omg, I just fallen in love with these vibes! ❤️
Mariuca Il y a mois
Big luv! ❤️
Hermosa_Rosa_Blanca Il y a mois
I just recieved the vinyl of this album ♡ It is so beautiful~ I'm happy to own it in record form ♡
Melanie Stracner
Melanie Stracner Il y a mois
Javier Guajardo
Javier Guajardo Il y a mois
It's this type of music that unites race and eliminates hatred de california a durango 2DAWORLD🌲🍀🌱🌍🌴🌳🦂
ichigeri Il y a mois
That last song is sooo nice
Darkemyst Il y a mois
you included chem trails... dawn conscience wake up .. down there
Claude Chabot
Claude Chabot Il y a mois
Great shroom riddim
Kevin Zv
Kevin Zv Il y a mois
im looking for some girl special...
Milan Il y a mois
I'm in love with this album. Pure paradise for my soul and ears! Especially when high. Bleess up Stick Figure never change!!!
Jason Foley
Jason Foley Il y a mois
This is a amazing album I love it
Denilson Wellington
Denilson Wellington Il y a mois
uma das melhores bandas de reggae da atualidade.
Tyler Jon723
Tyler Jon723 Il y a mois
Who. Honestly, WHO would dislike this album?
Stixx_ Gaming
Stixx_ Gaming Il y a mois
Que bien se siente estar marihuano y escuchar este arte 💚💛❤03/01/ 2021 ♡
MMS Il y a mois
Don't stop brotha... this is the right path
Kyle Il y a mois
just started listening to these guys and I literally like every song I've heard so far :D
lldjwhyteell Il y a mois
keep listening, every single song is awesome
Dhany Channel
Dhany Channel Il y a mois
Everyday Im play this music i liked
Marcio Jose de oliveira neto
Marcio Jose de oliveira neto Il y a mois
Léo Andrade
Léo Andrade Il y a mois
amazing perfecto - incrível amooo - Brasil!
Dustin Miller
Dustin Miller Il y a mois
So when you put your head to rest man I wish you all the best
Blake Collins
Blake Collins Il y a mois
What is the song called that starts at 9:30?
lldjwhyteell Il y a mois
Angels Above Me
Brandon Il y a mois
He literally called all the shots of 2020 and 2021 so far...listening to this in retrospect is actually kind of frightening how accurate he is with all the lyrical descriptiveness. Yeesh. Still amazing though. Lol.
dodoy gatilogo
dodoy gatilogo Il y a mois
i wish you could tour at our country philippines!!!
Alex Juma
Alex Juma Il y a mois
Alex Juma
Alex Juma Il y a mois
Samantha L.
Samantha L. Il y a mois
Slightly stoopid and stick figure always remind me of home... Theres no where like Ocean Beach! 1502
Zack Reynolds
Zack Reynolds Il y a mois
Come set Wisconsin on fire guys.
Que bien se siente Hermano!
Sarah Rose
Sarah Rose Il y a mois
I absolutely LOVE them...this VIBE and feel it deep within my SOUL;)
Nicole Sterbling
Nicole Sterbling Il y a mois
So many lives with you
Michelle De souza
Michelle De souza Il y a mois
I heard you're album fr the first time while fishing on my local river...the mahurangi....n bludi love it....thanx.....💃🌟🌞💯🎵🎹🎻🎶🙋..from Aotearoa ..all-day..jah rasta
MA He-
MA He- Il y a mois
Out of this world! Their music will immerse you into Reggae like a refreshing splash of a tropical wave in the sun-drenched turquoise waters!
Eduardo Marino Mussnich
Eduardo Marino Mussnich Il y a mois
Nunca canso de escutar esse álbum. É incrível....
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