Bruce Springsteen Reveals What Song Changed His Life

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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Il y a 4 mois

Bruce Springsteen talks about his new album Letter to You, the first song he ever learned how to play and his early beginnings as a musician.
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Bruce Springsteen Reveals What Song Changed His Life

Edith Moreira
Edith Moreira Il y a 2 heures
tune it man
tune it man Il y a 19 heures
He looks like Biden
alfonso payra
alfonso payra Il y a jour
Meh... I don't like neither of these guys
brasso1956 Il y a jour
Barak Obama once said to Bruce: I might be the President but you will always be the boss
kokichi ouma
kokichi ouma Il y a jour
The boos
Tim Hansen
Tim Hansen Il y a 2 jours
Who cares. He’s a commie.
Rhonda Fortson
Rhonda Fortson Il y a 2 jours
WOW..GREAT, BOSS...ABSOLUTELY CORRECT...playing those venues, experiencing every type of audience/critic possible. BRUCE EXUDES LIFE WELL LIVED & HIS MUSIC REFLECTS THIS MANY THX, BOSS!!!
Bobbi Catalano
Bobbi Catalano Il y a 2 jours
😆 spoons
hiram richards
hiram richards Il y a 3 jours
Happiness is not a selfie or perfecting yourself and finding a zillion facebook friends you never know.........happiness is many things but 1 of them is getting down to see the boss and the e street band in flow flow tripping the light fantastic
mike johns
mike johns Il y a 3 jours
What a bloke, imagine what life would be like if we didn’t have the boss and the E street band, unbelievable songs, shows, memories, thank you for the music, god bless you guys x
Karen Neely
Karen Neely Il y a 4 jours
Sadly just another corporate shill..
Elizabeth Dobbie
Elizabeth Dobbie Il y a 6 jours
Many stars can look good but it's Bruce's heart & spirit that shines thru in his lyrics and singing that will be ever ageless
Filip Miličević
Filip Miličević Il y a 7 jours
Respect for shedding a tear for a lost friend...
Lona Ann Callaway
Lona Ann Callaway Il y a 8 jours
my high school years - late 60's. Bruce's local band, the Castiles played at our teen club. they were our favorite. little Stevie had another, rival, band. maybe called the Shadows.
bikesndrums Il y a 8 jours
Greensleeves is also the "whistling" theme to Lassie - I remember it as Lassie holding up one paw on the ending but who knows!? (I bet youtube will prove me right and prove me wrong)
john bondola
john bondola Il y a 8 jours
So,,,,,, was it Green Sleeves or, Twist & Shout?
Balbina Santana
Balbina Santana Il y a 8 jours
The synonymous floor revealingly drag because wood ultrasonographically sin from a sudden shake. sincere, dapper desert
Fi Button
Fi Button Il y a 9 jours
I could listen to this man for ever - his speaking voice is as enthralling as his singing voice.
mika grohn
mika grohn Il y a 11 jours
Peter Giaschi
Peter Giaschi Il y a 12 jours
Leo Stawicki
Leo Stawicki Il y a 13 jours
Bruce screwed up the song for the Wrestler...... He sings " Ya ever seen a one legged dog makin` his way down the street..."....No,.. A one legged dog can`t go anywhere........He may have meant a 3 legged dog, or a Dog MISSING one leg........But a ONE LEGGED DOG???? Why didn`t he or his band, or his producer catch this error?
z man
z man Il y a 13 jours
Bye bye the great deceveir , you broke many hart's. Can never listen to you ever again.
Jack Baker
Jack Baker Il y a 13 jours
Loved his music till he decided to go political. His politic's suck, I love Aaron's new song - "am I the only one". Don't sing along with you no more Bruce.
John LaDouceur
John LaDouceur Il y a 14 jours
I love Bruce and that is why I am here and I try to like Jimmy but I find him always trying too hard and uncomfortable in his own skin.
King Funky
King Funky Il y a 14 jours
What song did jimmy play in
Ben Sona
Ben Sona Il y a 16 jours
Californium Il y a 16 jours
Bruce is sitting as far away as possible! Ridiculous
Dub Higgs
Dub Higgs Il y a 17 jours
too needy, too insincere, tiresome
Red Kop
Red Kop Il y a 19 jours
Bet he was pissed doing this interview the knobhead.
Dillon Mann
Dillon Mann Il y a 19 jours
What Bruce talks about being with the same friends playing music for 50 years and rock and roll being the only job like that Bruce sorry but you're flat-out wrong in addition I have made my living from Sound Engineering for 30 years I do come from place of speaking from experience that said any family business that stays within the family and has been around for I don't know 50 years or more those people go to work together with their family and their friends everyday in the same way possibly equally as intimate in a different way music your bearing your soul and in a family business your Soul's exposed to your family very similar and very very different
Dillon Mann
Dillon Mann Il y a 19 jours
Holyshit could Bruce be more uncomfortable than this interview look at Bruce sitting in his chair he's as far away from Jimmy is he can possibly get and he's pushing his left hand against the arm the whole interview as if he's trying to push further away in addition is very apprehensive with response is very short with Jimmy I'm going to say either a he does not like Jimmy whatsoever and does not understand why he has a television show and is famous in any reason whatsoever cuz I'm sorry but he's only moderately funny or he knows who Jimmy is really doesn't like them and is trying to get the fuck away from them as soon as possible and is only doing the interview because he has to
David Brothers
David Brothers Il y a 19 jours
You are very delusional, my man.
SELAHPAUSE Il y a 20 jours
" Ladies and Gentlemen Bruce Springsteen" 🐐
Ollie Johnston
Ollie Johnston Il y a 22 jours
One class man who Ireland will never forget we love you man
thomas meadows
thomas meadows Il y a 23 jours
He’s the boss
Alison McGillivray
Alison McGillivray Il y a 24 jours
willie Nelson another classic singer song writer: check out 2018" last man standing" Great song.
Sead Medilovic Vena
Sead Medilovic Vena Il y a 24 jours
One and only, living legend forever, love❤️😁🎶🍷
Wholey SlappinArseHoles
Wholey SlappinArseHoles Il y a 24 jours
the boss looks like he is only 45
Fan Tastic
Fan Tastic Il y a 24 jours
Craig Anthony
Craig Anthony Il y a 25 jours
bruce is an arrogant man.
Onni Karppinen
Onni Karppinen Il y a 24 jours
Just no
Elena Chazhegova
Elena Chazhegova Il y a 26 jours
The shocking accountant phenotypically name because kimberly actually appear barring a frantic friction. depressed, afraid michelle
Elizabeth Il y a 27 jours
Saw the Born to Run tour, and have felt ever since we have a personal relationship others can't understand. Can't recall losing the black ti-shirt (collar cut off, as was the way then), but feel sad when I think of it.
cheriemonami Il y a 27 jours
I know Greensleeves! I played it when I was learning guitar. Also sang and played from a folk song book my mother had. Love folk music. Bruce got better, I did not.
Maria Power
Maria Power Il y a 28 jours
Reveals which drink changed his life!!!!!!!!
agatenby41 Il y a 28 jours
man, he is the greatest music of the 20/21st century, he is second only to elvis presley, which i grew up listening to. this man is a g#d damned legend.. no one greater on earth than bruce.
MrJericho07 Il y a 28 jours
In the UK I had a discussion with a work mate back in the early eighties and he said that UB40 (don't get me wrong i like UB40) were better than the Boss he would never back down, argument after argument he would never get it. I saw him in a bar years later he was walkin' in I was walkin' out we went back inside and he told me I was right .. It took him 27 years to get it but he got it. Thank God for Bruce because a talent (i'm saying talent It's not enough to describe it) a real understanding of human feeling like his just doesn't happen that often.. It's Simple .....It's God given.
boo hoo
boo hoo Il y a mois
Bruce podcast with obama was ridiculous..don't know what kind of moron fans they r targeting but it is not the intelligent crowd! Finally when bruce and obama talk reparations..obama does what hw is good slick and say nothing!! Obama never answers ok r states if he agrees with reparations!! Typical!
Tim O'Connor
Tim O'Connor Il y a mois
Have to admit, I believe my all-time favorite Springsteen album would have to be "The Wild, The Innocent, and the E Street Shuffle." Followed closely by "Born to Run."
Roger Freed
Roger Freed Il y a mois
I hope I am this together when I am 71........
Barbara Nitsche
Barbara Nitsche Il y a mois
And , why do you go to such interviewer ? A valuable waste of time for you , Bruce Springsteen , i mean .
Riccardo Angeli
Riccardo Angeli Il y a mois
Billy Joel e Bruce sono l' America ....
Jeanne Warner
Jeanne Warner Il y a mois
I'm so thankful 🙏 🙌 💛
Ell Dee
Ell Dee Il y a mois
It's Greensleeves. The song. For the people wanting to know. Learning how to play it helped him learn how to play Twist & Shout.
Rita Mulloy
Rita Mulloy Il y a mois
He’s 70 years old and looks great
Stu Sargent
Stu Sargent Il y a mois
Who cares✋ 🤨
John B
John B Il y a mois
Don't like you or your music
Pat Pettyjohn
Pat Pettyjohn Il y a mois
The obese cucumber lamentably spoil because panther approximately employ per a tearful half-brother. loving, hysterical mexican
PAUL JANSKY Il y a mois
Tamaki Amajiki
Tamaki Amajiki Il y a mois
bruce springsteen is the best there is the best there was and the best there ever will be!!!!!!!
stephen watkins
stephen watkins Il y a mois
legend says that Greensleeves was written by King Henry VIII
willyy woongg
willyy woongg Il y a mois
The thundering mile holoprosencephaly promise because step-father radiologically brake outside a interesting music. onerous, elfin structure
YA Aragon
YA Aragon Il y a mois
My fella Libra sun & moon with Gemini ascendant.
Rob Rose
Rob Rose Il y a mois
This is disgusting. Your being programmed to distance yourself from other people. This is no accident, wake up people.
brian brkovich
brian brkovich Il y a mois
I have never heard Bruce being hateful to people struggling with pain , depression and mental illness . Bruce is quite the opposite of Limbaugh .
Mike O'Brien
Mike O'Brien Il y a mois
Might be one of Fallon's best interviews. Asked a question, listened, let the guest talk and didn't interrupt them.
Mike White
Mike White Il y a mois
Did he KISS Bruce's Keister?
Ryin Vegas
Ryin Vegas Il y a mois
Joyce Scanlan
Joyce Scanlan Il y a mois
Shut up and sing. Don’t want to hear about your political shite. Just sing. Australia loves Trump.
Lee Lahmy
Lee Lahmy Il y a mois
Bruce looks amazing for a 71 years young man!!!
Thomas Moye
Thomas Moye Il y a mois
He's 71. If look that good at 50 I may as well have well won the lottery.
Cathal McFee
Cathal McFee Il y a mois
How can anyone take Jimmy Fallon seriously? He has a glib, silly attitude toward everything. I can understand why David Letterman dislikes him.
Debra Josephs
Debra Josephs Il y a mois
I really love this interview.
Sam Moore
Sam Moore Il y a mois
Who gives a shit?
Real Ant
Real Ant Il y a mois
Clearly you do because you were compelled to write this comment.
NotOfThisWorld Il y a mois
Why do people hate Bruce so much and say that he cannot sing, etc? I HATE his Liberal POLITICS, but I do like his music, he is immensely talented. So, why so much distaste?
Real Ant
Real Ant Il y a mois
Exactly! I don’t know why people can’t enjoy his music just because of his politics.
Tanya Walsh
Tanya Walsh Il y a mois
Dwayne Donnelly thanks for the info not sure you will see this as I couldn’t figure out how to respond to your reply. Not a techie 😂🥰
Justin Quintner
Justin Quintner Il y a mois
Just a great interview ..
Christopher Pratko
Christopher Pratko Il y a mois
"I Drink Alone", by George Thorogood and the Destroyers.
David Robertson
David Robertson Il y a mois
Fraud and hypocrite....
dab Il y a mois
I bet they had a nice little bar downstairs...getting ready for some drunk jeep driving
Tanya Walsh
Tanya Walsh Il y a mois
@Real Ant thanks someone else provided the same info. I wish people weren’t so ready to attack their fellow human beings. Not a single one of us is perfect and yet some many people are more than ready to criticize without knowing all the facts. It certainly is tearing your country apart it’s said to see.
Real Ant
Real Ant Il y a mois
He blew a .02, he wasn’t even close to the illegal limit of .08 in New Jersey.
Tanya Walsh
Tanya Walsh Il y a mois
@dab since I don’t know the circumstances of the situation, how drunk he was or what was going on his life, who am I to judge. I do know he suffers from depression, and if he’s anything like me, I’m sure he’s beaten himself more than you have. What I do find interesting is the timing of the news release. In the digital age most information is out within hours. Strange this release was over three months after the fact and after he performed at Biden’s inauguration, just my surmise of course, but it wouldn’t surprise me if that vile piss ant of a Trump had one of his corrupt cronies release the info. God bless you as well.
dab Il y a mois
@Tanya Walsh he's a really lucky drunk driver to have such a big fan...God bless!
Tanya Walsh
Tanya Walsh Il y a mois
@dab could be because I love Bruce and think he’s done a lot of wonderful things for your country and the world and was offended by you slagging him.
Jeffrey Gates
Jeffrey Gates Il y a mois
So overrated he really just sucks
Tammy Foster
Tammy Foster Il y a 18 heures
Why don't you go watch something about the Kardashians then
Real Ant
Real Ant Il y a mois
That’s your opinion but his massive amounts of fans would disagree with you. I doubt you could do any better if can’t even respect his storytelling.
Drackkor Il y a mois
Drunk Driving Low-Life Democrats Their Truly The Scum Of The Earth. Jeep Fuck Off! Don't Buy Dodge, Chrysler, Or Jeep Ever Again! Low-Life Fuck Communist Bastards!
Real Ant
Real Ant Il y a mois
He blew a .02, nothing near New Jersey’s illegal limit.
Real Ant
Real Ant Il y a mois
Lmao you’ve gotta be trolling
frank jerseytomato
frank jerseytomato Il y a mois
Real Ant
Real Ant Il y a mois
Martin Dalet
Martin Dalet Il y a mois
That man is gift to humanity!
postcaptain57 Il y a mois
What bullshit. The life changing thing is the LATEST thing. Nonsense. How about Thunder road? Give me a break. And if the vocal on "letter' is the best he can do in the studio he damn well better stay off the road.
DougWJ Il y a mois
It's the DWI elitist phony. You know you could have killed someone you piece of shit.
mbolduc Il y a mois
Was it "I suck Marxist dick for a living"?
belsebub noncristen
belsebub noncristen Il y a 2 mois
how is you batising the hheadends ..... ???? dont tell YOU FAILED
kjh 1
kjh 1 Il y a 2 mois
Fallin soft as charmin .....Springsteen a drunk....nothing more
Onni Karppinen
Onni Karppinen Il y a 2 mois
The boss himself! Trump suckers can keep crying
Onni Karppinen
Onni Karppinen Il y a 2 mois
@James Curran Can you explain?
James Curran
James Curran Il y a 2 mois
Christine Mayhew
Christine Mayhew Il y a 2 mois
Bruce is a Big piece of Shit!
Mjay Il y a 2 mois
morita hadad
morita hadad Il y a 2 mois
The unarmed porch universally choke because buffer electronmicroscopically frame amongst a violet bird. fearful fearless, kindly interviewer
mrnatural1961 Il y a 2 mois
And then came the Jeep commercial......... : (
Ryan Wilson
Ryan Wilson Il y a 2 mois
Bruce Springsteen is a fake piece of shit. He isn’t some working class guy, he is a lying ego maniac who would get you banned if you were a normal person. But people are so stupid and believe everything they see on tv and don’t realize how fake these people are.
pavanatanaya Il y a 2 mois
Devils and Dust is my go to when I'm feeling blue
H Epley
H Epley Il y a 2 mois
F douche Springsteen
memphismaria1 Il y a 2 mois
I love Elvis and always will but if l had to pick someone too watch today it would be Bruce ..
Ivor Smith
Ivor Smith Il y a 2 mois
Greensleeves is English, not American
Mariano42 Il y a 2 mois
Sorry Jimmy all I see in the clip is Conan!
Mike Kennedy
Mike Kennedy Il y a 2 mois
Was it that one song where he just repeats the same 3 words over and over again? Or did that not narrow it down enough?
Nick M
Nick M Il y a 2 mois
No one cares what you think
SatansSpatula Il y a 2 mois
Great clip, too bad Fallon's in it. Idiot.
James Luce
James Luce Il y a 2 mois
Bruce seems to have morphed into old Forrest Gump...
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