Glitterbomb Trap Catches Phone Scammer (who gets arrested)

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Mark Rober

Il y a mois

I glitterbombed my way up the scammer chain of command. Come join me in my Creative Engineering class!!
If you suspect that you or a loved one has been the victim of fraud, you can call or visit the National Elder Fraud hotline ( at 833-372-8311 and report it to the FTC by visiting the agency’s website ( or calling 877-382-4357.
Go watch Jim’s video to see how he located the scammers and subscribe to his channel-
Go check out Perog's version here too-
New music this time from the talented Laura Shigihara-

Mark Rober
Mark Rober Il y a mois
Have a *proactive* conversation about this with older folks you heart. And THEN come join me in my Creative Engineering Course!!
Carlos Sajulga
Carlos Sajulga Il y a 23 jours
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Drake Fish
Drake Fish Il y a 25 jours
No one else worried about his facetime call with jay-z?
Musicalm Relaxation
Musicalm Relaxation Il y a mois
Like and share ! It helps a lot. 👍🆙 👇
Fantastic Slimetastic
Fantastic Slimetastic Il y a mois
Spylent 00
Spylent 00 Il y a mois
I wanna see you master redstone im minecraft
DecerZ Il y a 34 minutes
Wow I love that I shared everything with her Mark: Lol your job
Gucci Raccoon
Gucci Raccoon Il y a heure
Should of been pepper spray
Gregory Schmidt
Gregory Schmidt Il y a heure
"Everyone in India hates these guys." - except the police and the government.
Okami Il y a 2 heures
uhhhh india have alot of scamer
sync M
sync M Il y a 2 heures
that cmd window is a cheap trick lol
eisen123able Il y a 2 heures
You guys are awesome. well done :)
Krish Krish
Krish Krish Il y a 3 heures
Love from india, I highly appreciate your work❤️
Big Peen Whistler
Big Peen Whistler Il y a 5 heures
You're doing gods work🙏🙏🙏
Gusde Tanaya
Gusde Tanaya Il y a 5 heures
Please make this video longer 😭 Quality stuff!
Huxhshsushsiusjhdhduehrjrurhfufhfjfhfhfurhrhrufhhr Il y a 5 heures
Jelly bath
cadennn Il y a 7 heures
This was so interesting
DJ Joe Flores
DJ Joe Flores Il y a 7 heures
THIS IS AWESOME!!! Thanks for all you do! STICK IT TO ALL OF THEM!
Theresa Walker
Theresa Walker Il y a 7 heures
Thanks so much for helping this ppl and conquering crime!
Jessie James
Jessie James Il y a 7 heures
Time to set up office in India....
Jessie James
Jessie James Il y a 7 heures
My Mother in law sent $15,000 to an online lover over seas . He never quite made the plane trip..every time . Her daughters unplugged him. Told him to get lost and told her about his records as a thief she relented...finally .
Longnose360 Il y a 8 heures
these scammers are so cold hearted
Nooneyouknow Il y a 8 heures
15k scammers hurt by your revelation
Nemrod Yohanes
Nemrod Yohanes Il y a 8 heures
These videos are so fun to watch
lowesislander Il y a 8 heures
Bomb_Singer #Whitty
Bomb_Singer #Whitty Il y a 8 heures
Maybe Rick Roll the Scammers when they hear it the scammer will yell loudly: I QUIT
Bomb_Singer #Whitty
Bomb_Singer #Whitty Il y a 8 heures
Bomb_Singer #Whitty
Bomb_Singer #Whitty Il y a 8 heures
Dashmund Hunt
Dashmund Hunt Il y a 9 heures
Dashmund Hunt
Dashmund Hunt Il y a 9 heures
9:22 is that KitBoga?
despicablemonster Il y a 11 heures
p.s i l just love entrapment videos too ....
Bryan El first
Bryan El first Il y a 11 heures
On mark iPhone it said jay z
Bryan El first
Bryan El first Il y a 11 heures
Did anyone see on tarn phone It said jay z
Rahim Kisoor
Rahim Kisoor Il y a 12 heures
i send it! what do i do now?? CRY until you saved up again to 13K!
Shane W
Shane W Il y a 14 heures
FedEx "rarely" updates their data base to stop deliveries. Bravo to you sir
DivineAtheistWannabe Il y a 15 heures
Boomers: "Kids these days don't know how to do anything." Also Boomers: Falls for lottery scams from the Prince of Nigeria
Isaac Gunn
Isaac Gunn Il y a 15 heures
Awesome, I am so glad that someone is taking action, Mark keep it up bro!
Joseph Ibarbo
Joseph Ibarbo Il y a 15 heures
Thank you Mark, keep doing what you do. your a smart dude helping many. you got a real gift for being detective at this sort of thing. I hope the best and know you’ll be successful. thanks again... ps HELLO... 😂
crystalawen Il y a 16 heures
Very impressive work there !
Pump Il y a 16 heures
The pvz music near the end Is just perfect
crystalawen Il y a 16 heures
How silly to ‘download’ anything a stranger tells you to..
JBD Bean
JBD Bean Il y a 2 heures
Crystal? Is that you??! We know who you're protecting, it takes a criminal mind to degenerate to victim-blaming.
Gavin Ramonita
Gavin Ramonita Il y a 16 heures
The flashy acknowledgment connoly rub because detail inexplicably admire before a gigantic cicada. petite, industrious anthropology
Berkle Il y a 16 heures
I had to skip over whenever a scammer called a victim it broke my heart.
Donald James
Donald James Il y a 17 heures
The Murderbot Feed
The Murderbot Feed Il y a 17 heures
So when are we getting a Philis cohost?
Alejandro C
Alejandro C Il y a 17 heures
Ok now this is smart
Chris W
Chris W Il y a 18 heures
leaving booby traps is illegal , be carefull .
Thomas Barr II
Thomas Barr II Il y a 18 heures
You are doing God's work.
Site Director Astarte Snowfall
Site Director Astarte Snowfall Il y a 18 heures
I really would like to know if there's some way to buy one of these lol
Remy Lebeau
Remy Lebeau Il y a 18 heures
Flawless Victory.... Fatality 🩸... ✊🏾
Lindsey Basharat
Lindsey Basharat Il y a 18 heures
Please help me catch job scrammers lol scammer payback guy is epic, but I really need a couple glitter bombs! HAHA ...
true guy
true guy Il y a 18 heures
Them pants are cool
Extreme Weapons
Extreme Weapons Il y a 18 heures
where can we see the lawsuit in canadian court?
Matt McKean
Matt McKean Il y a 19 heures
It’s crazy how somewhat complex these frauds are getting. We need better cyber security and we need better education for the elderly.
Tsar Peter I
Tsar Peter I Il y a 19 heures
How do I know you just set this up? Like everyone is in on it? Like your first video
WhatThuSmell Il y a 19 heures
change the message in the box to reggie saying "please, no johns"
Randomizer X
Randomizer X Il y a 19 heures
My dad were so close to get scammed by phone scammer but my mom stopped them
Ahmer Yousif
Ahmer Yousif Il y a 20 heures
I don't get this
Brian Nash
Brian Nash Il y a 21 heure
awesome work guys, I will buy merch to support you
Jin Kim
Jin Kim Il y a 22 heures
Sincere respect from S Korea dude!
Julia Renae Steele (STG)
Julia Renae Steele (STG) Il y a 22 heures
The power of glitter, IT'S TOO MUCH for criminals
Gabriel Gherman
Gabriel Gherman Il y a 22 heures
Found your channel through following Perogi!! Your content is awesome as well and I hope we have a lot of Glitter Bombs catching scammers this year as well!
SlendyClipz Il y a 23 heures
can someone give me the Question Hypothesis Investigation/Procedure Steps Data Conclusion
Brecken Il y a 23 heures
If I was a mule I’d take that money and DIP🤣
DAISY NICOLE Il y a jour
✨Not all super hero’s wear capes✨
Fig Bat
Fig Bat Il y a jour
The Phillis from the office photo haha
Dick Tater
Dick Tater Il y a jour
i like you bro
SomeRandomAnonymousDude Il y a jour
2 missed calls from Elon and a ft w jay z 😂
Petter Bruland
Petter Bruland Il y a jour
Next bust the IRS, they are taking all my money :) Thanks Mark for a great video!
Anthony Campos
Anthony Campos Il y a jour
If possible, could you please create captions in multiple languages so non English speaking grandparents can have a better understanding of how to avoid these scams? It's awesome that you're doing this at all, and appreciate all the work you've put in to make a difference!
Sara M
Sara M Il y a jour
You are so amazing and a hero! Thank you so much!
Major Paiyne
Major Paiyne Il y a jour
Elon and Facetime with Jay- Z? Hahahahaha! Thats grand.
Aaron Il y a jour
being a scammer is one of the worst jobs in the country based on criminal records
Crybaby YwY P
Crybaby YwY P Il y a jour
I feel bad for India because like this scammers are almost all from India and it’s like that’s all you think of scammers as India people but there not all bad people but I hope we can stop scammers
Vivian Niu
Vivian Niu Il y a jour
8:04 imagine if a victim didn't save the password lol scammer: oh sh*t
aussj4link Il y a jour
Spoder Mon
Spoder Mon Il y a jour
13:18 who else got pvz flashbacks
Wendy Wright
Wendy Wright Il y a jour
17:32 is that house in Tooele Utah because it looks like the same house my friend lives at🤔
Mars Davis
Mars Davis Il y a jour
JustHaven! Il y a jour
Anyone else watch the videos Scammer Payback makes where he backdoor the scammers and delete all their files? Those ones are my favourite lol
Rainbowfrog123 Il y a jour
I can really appreciate the pvz music here
NOT alex mckeown
NOT alex mckeown Il y a jour
bruh just send an ied
Alejandra Flores
Alejandra Flores Il y a jour
I work at nursing home they almost got one of the residents...if she hadn't asked me for help they might have gotten her
Nardo Il y a jour
Love it
Mr X
Mr X Il y a jour
Use paint instead of glitter
NOLOTAX125 Il y a jour
This is reverse physiology
organic onion
organic onion Il y a jour
Wait wait wait, PvZ music at 13:40?
Rayden Stormcrow
Rayden Stormcrow Il y a jour
I'm so glad u did this and have involved law inforsment.. awesome.
peachii tea
peachii tea Il y a jour
I would have said when they called me, “hello? Oh hiiii! *calls fam* y’all it’s the b-s again who wanna take my money! *back on phone* look I know you wanna take my money, but that’s not gonna happen, hope you have a terrible day!
Luke Bencosme
Luke Bencosme Il y a jour
I’m literally only here for the “Hello, You guys give up? Or you thristy for more”.
ALLAN BRUHN Il y a jour
Keep up the great work we need more people out there like you.
Awakening Enthusiast
Awakening Enthusiast Il y a jour
You guys should have called kitboga he would have done a way better job
Glenn Russell Apura
Glenn Russell Apura Il y a jour
If gary was an innocent lessee of air bnb, why did he open the package It was for his transient guest?
Megan Cox
Megan Cox Il y a jour
valour 2814
valour 2814 Il y a jour
Started of as pissing of porch pirate's. Now down the rabbit hole. And standing ground. Get these sad loser scammers. They all deserve broken noses
Chakra Bishop
Chakra Bishop Il y a jour
9:17 "Please EMTER Last 4 Digits SSN:" 🤣
sllevel Il y a jour
Plants vs Zombies 🧟‍♀️
TheRealJackfrog Il y a jour
These psychopath scammers make me angry.
Pehpunkt Hahpunkt
Pehpunkt Hahpunkt Il y a 2 jours
glitterfree scammer are just the worst :D
Carlo Carlito
Carlo Carlito Il y a 2 jours
You guys are doing gods work.
Naman gadia
Naman gadia Il y a 2 jours
i am also from india and i dont know why all the scammers i have seen are from india and ia ma very disappointed and i wanted to say please dont hate us because not all the people are same
emir furkan
emir furkan Il y a 2 jours
is this a gta heist ????
Rufus Johnson
Rufus Johnson Il y a 2 jours
Scammers deserve to be hunted, put under prolonged physical and emotional stress, and then have their life functions terminated.
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