Jackson Browne - I'll Do Anything: Live In Concert

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Jackson Browne

Il y a 2 ans

Filmed during his 2012 tour, Jackson Browne's live in concert DVD, I'll Do Anything, includes 16 songs culled from his entire body of work. The performance also features Val McCallum, Fritz Lewak, Sara Watkins, Sean Watkins and Tyler Chester.

Michael Patriksson
Michael Patriksson Il y a heure
I remember, almost to the day, when Jackson Browne came into my life - through an older fellow PhD student at the same university. He played me some tunes, and I was hooked - and I am still hooked!
Laura Patrie
Laura Patrie Il y a jour
Let the music keep our spirits high..........
Karen D Sparks
Karen D Sparks Il y a jour
Melodious like many tunes by JB!
Linda Williams
Linda Williams Il y a jour
Jackson, for all the years you have touched my heart, my soul with your songs, voice and music, Thank you. I truely love you and all you have given me for almost 50 years. Peace my brother.
Somsri wannasia
Somsri wannasia Il y a jour
Baz Buncher
Baz Buncher Il y a jour
Seen him live about 6 times always awesome
Cathy Watkins
Cathy Watkins Il y a 2 jours
I've listened to this concert over and over. I wonder, when he sings those songs from painful times, does the pain still sting? I know just knowing some of the back stories, it hurts my heart for him. I would love to see him live, but would feel guilty asking to hear some of my favorites.
vera hes
vera hes Il y a 3 jours
Mr. Lee, I am having the same as you are. He is a awesome Artist and I love his songs very much. Enjoy the Music.
Dennis Oconnor
Dennis Oconnor Il y a 5 jours
I knew my PTSD was serious when I stood unable to move with expensive tickets in hand and was not able to drive the 50 miles to Houston to see Jackson's latest show there.
Minoru Arai
Minoru Arai Il y a 5 jours
His songs bring me joy and happiness every time. “Tokyo girl” was nice, too! I want to see the session like this someday...
Diana Mills
Diana Mills Il y a 5 jours
Oh my. One can just get lost in Mr. Browns music and I mean that in a very good way. Awesome to be transported while in the comfort of my living room. I am in my 69th year. I lost my spouse 20 years ago. With music, I am alone but no longer lonely. Music is getting me through the pandemic also. So to all the wonderful musicians, singers, songwriters, and also all of us who truly love and appreciate this incredible gift, I raise a glass to you. Many thanks. Cheers 🙂🙃
KEEP LIVE ALIVE Il y a 6 jours
Fortunate to see him a few years ago at a vineyard venue in Paso Robles, CA. Small audience great music
Scarlett O'Hara
Scarlett O'Hara Il y a 6 jours
Best lyricist in the business. So lovely to hear a Hammond B3 organ. See you in Duluth in August! xo
Julio Aranton
Julio Aranton Il y a 6 jours
Musician, Singer, Songwriter, Poet & KICK _ _ _ BAND!🙏⚘🏞
DEBASIS PAL Il y a 7 jours
Sir, please turn on caption option on your channel it's very useful to learn English (pronunciation).
Kathleen Eilenfeldt
Kathleen Eilenfeldt Il y a 8 jours
You ijackson sre such a beautiful person.
Michael Hayes
Michael Hayes Il y a 8 jours
I’ve always loved Jackson’s music but I never appreciated just how accomplished is as a musician, WOW.
bonnie nadine newman
bonnie nadine newman Il y a 9 jours
SUPERB. Thank you Jackson Browne!!!!!!!!
Philip Miller
Philip Miller Il y a 9 jours
Soul of the 70's. His sound never grows old. Read Rock Me on the Water by Ron Brownstein. He puts Jackson at the top.
Vada L
Vada L Il y a 10 jours
"Let the music keep our spirits high." Most profound and meaningful body of music ever produced since 1972. So honored to have seen him in concert over the last 5 decades. His voice and his messages remain True. As Ever. Thank you so much Jackson for sharing your divine talent and for changing so many worlds!
Martin Eager
Martin Eager Il y a 11 jours
I keep coming back to this concert, a great set of songs, immaculate sound and such a wonderful band. Perhaps the best group of musicians Jackson Browne has surrounded himself with since the days of Running On Empty. They clearly enjoy playing together and it shows in the warmth of these versions. The Late Show and Before The Deluge are real standouts that never fail to move me to tears, in good, healing sort of way.
Darrah Hopper
Darrah Hopper Il y a 12 jours
At 64, my listening has a slightly different arc than many of the commenters, but just want y'all to know that it resonates so much. The hole in our apartment wall was shaped like a ball peen hammer. I always wondered if she got out of that relationship safely. Lives In The Balance takes me back to the children at the cannons and the bullet holes in the walls in Matagalpa, shortly after the revolution sort of ended (Reagan was still president, so ... Contras raining death.)
A Mind With Heart
A Mind With Heart Il y a 12 jours
Sarah Watkins! Nickel Creek
MrRantar Il y a 13 jours
Who votes this down??
3J's Il y a 14 jours
Jackson Brown is right up there as one of the very best singer song writers and that is quite a feet since this generation has the very best of them, with no other generation even coming close!
Enrique Ojeda
Enrique Ojeda Il y a 14 jours
Hermoso Concierto. Desde Santiago de Chile
Barbara McCroy
Barbara McCroy Il y a 15 jours
Eagle Lady
Eagle Lady Il y a 15 jours
Is JB friends with JD? I’d like to see them join together. 😊
Sharon Bell
Sharon Bell Il y a 15 jours
have mercy God bless to infinity am so overly intrigued such a wonderful holy talented group THANK YOU
Janet Kerr
Janet Kerr Il y a 17 jours
Rember the sleeping lady cage san anselmo next to van morrison d parents music store ...you and boz scaggs took the house down it rained so hard that night at that house skidding down the hall The people went nuts. .you were so vs I the corner playing guitar...so far out. 2980s or so.
Daina Imperiale
Daina Imperiale Il y a 18 jours
Just what I needed. (Exhale...) Thank you, Jackson. ❤ You always touch our heart and soul. Your music from the soul helps us heal, makes us smile, cry, reflect and experience the sheer beauty of music, the imagery, sound therapy, sensory awakening/re-awakening, the vibrational energy! Music is a healer. Music is medicine. Music is love. Music is life. Music saves us. Music is therapeutic. Music is a such a blessing! With gratitude and love, unending. Agape love. Stay safe and well, during this challenging time. We have our music! That's huge. ❤☮🕉🎶❤
Jackson Browne
Jackson Browne Il y a 9 jours
Thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate you for loving and supporting my music and I would love to know you more if you don’t mind.
marsha g
marsha g Il y a 19 jours
He’s the kind of poet that makes you feel like he wrote a certain song just for you, or that only he can really understand your pain, and then you know it’s not true when hundreds if not thousands of other people show up next to you when he plays a concert. I listen listen to him for over 40 years, been to 40 concerts, and met him twice, and he surprises me every time with his poetic musical talent.
Daina Imperiale
Daina Imperiale Il y a 18 jours
So true! That's fantastic! You've seen him so many times. He is a legend. Poet. even a Guru as we learn and reflect from his gifts. He is powerful with his Poetry and Prose, for sure. Thank God, we have music during this challenging time with the pandemic. Music is medicine... A Healer Therapeutic Life Saves us Music is Love.
Kathy Yansick
Kathy Yansick Il y a 21 jour
....my old lover, years ago was a quiet guy, and I asked him who is your favorite artist (he plays guitar a pro) and he said Jackson Brown ....so I pay closer attention to all these songs and feel ...well grateful 💛🌾🙏🏼🏞️🤗
Jackson Browne
Jackson Browne Il y a 9 jours
Thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate you for loving and supporting my music and I would love to know you more if you don’t mind.
Kendyl Houdyshell
Kendyl Houdyshell Il y a 21 jour
Had to listen to this song again!!! Love everything you perform Jackson, thanks for your unending gift of music 🎵 amazing!!!!
Kurt Harding
Kurt Harding Il y a 22 jours
Great show!
Grandma Smith1949
Grandma Smith1949 Il y a 22 jours
I'm back again. My life has not gone anything like my parents expected, but they were the ones who took us children to musicals and such. They introduced us to the wonder of theater bands and Orchestras tuning up before their performance. I believe to this day that it is what led me to dive into psychedelic rock and folk music. Looking for the beauty in the song and the music, as JB sings, became a passion. I know that Jackson Brown offers wisdom and feeling and poetry in his offerings. He is one of the things that we can depend on in this crazy world. Covid-19 has really been hard. Thank you, Jackson for offering a helping hand when I am in need!
Paul Marjoram
Paul Marjoram Il y a 22 jours
If ever you come around please stop by and play your songs on our common ground. It would warm our hearts to hear those sounds before you go on to where you’re bound.
Grandma Smith1949
Grandma Smith1949 Il y a 22 jours
Isit not fantastic to be able to see and hear him live right now? I am a child of the universe....
Jacqui Lees
Jacqui Lees Il y a 23 jours
Great live! You just need to play what you want to play at the time....
Lisa Malone
Lisa Malone Il y a 23 jours
Time is running out! ✨😎💕 Beautiful Song!
Ismael Sanchez
Ismael Sanchez Il y a 24 jours
"Man is in league of his owe ' are just few of the comments you hear about this musician and unique writer . Holds a place in many's heart , as well as in the "Music Hall of Fame". Revered by his those in the field , especially , PEERS who hold him in the highest esteem . Writings that anyone can take and apply to their life situation . An amazing style that any poet would envy . Along with numerous successful albums , He is known for giving rise to multiple environmental causes -- earth , necular waste , ocean and pollution . Undoubtedly , music & artist for the AGES ! ☮️ 3-17-21 : YMS*🔒
Lisa Weaver
Lisa Weaver Il y a 25 jours
Jackson wrote for a many songs for other artists on the road that helped them to road to fame. Sure Did! He was a smart song writer.
Alan Fleming
Alan Fleming Il y a 25 jours
Thank you Jacson Browne for your beautiful music
Deborah Jones
Deborah Jones Il y a 25 jours
Thanks for the timeless music always in tune with the days of my life
Jackson Browne
Jackson Browne Il y a 9 jours
Thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate you for loving and supporting my music and I would love to know you more if you don’t mind.
Tien Huynh-Dinh
Tien Huynh-Dinh Il y a 26 jours
Looking thru' some photographs I found inside a drawer, I was taken by a photograph of you... (love the way he comes up with words!) ...and while the future's there for anyone to change, still you know it seems it would be easier to change the past. (how many of us can relate???) So many outstanding songs to see me through tough times... 'For a Dancer' has to be my favorite. Thank you Jackson!!!
Betty Ann Simnovec
Betty Ann Simnovec Il y a 27 jours
Robert m... Not that you will see this today as you have your phone off for over 5 days???? Here is another song...... A nice song by Jackson brown..... Whatever Robert..... See it next week for all I care .... Betty Ann Xoxoxo
Eric Adolphson
Eric Adolphson Il y a 27 jours
I'm glad I stopped by. First time 43 years old.
realistic ron
realistic ron Il y a 27 jours
You don't have to drink to have a naked ride home.
Garold Counts
Garold Counts Il y a 28 jours
the mirror of my life
Garold Counts
Garold Counts Il y a 28 jours
Farther on
DG I'm No Angel
DG I'm No Angel Il y a 29 jours
Awake Pretenders!
Lee Fitzgerald
Lee Fitzgerald Il y a 29 jours
I have been listening to Jackson Browne since my 20s. I am now 70 and his songs still can bring me to tears. Different song, different reasons through the years. Thank you Jackson.
Dolores Perez Priegnitz
Dolores Perez Priegnitz Il y a 7 jours
AMEN!!! Happy & Sad Tears-GRATEFUL I can listen to him today!!! THANKS, Jackson Browne!
puma7711 Il y a 11 jours
@Alan Fleming l
Janet Hartleben
Janet Hartleben Il y a 12 jours
Same, at 72.
Marc Hurlbert
Marc Hurlbert Il y a 14 jours
73 here. Absolutely.
Jerry Linden
Jerry Linden Il y a 16 jours
@Jennie Chen thanks!
missdawn9 Il y a mois
He makes my knees weak and my heart almost stops...o m g 💘
Janice Frye
Janice Frye Il y a mois
He is definitely the MAN ❤️❤️
Bill Clement
Bill Clement Il y a mois
Cuts to the soul 🙏
Bongdu Dugenio
Bongdu Dugenio Il y a mois
I am seeing you guys in Fort Worth, Tx on May 17 '21. Your songs bring peace and forgiveness!
Jean Paul Azzurro
Jean Paul Azzurro Il y a mois
petewoodroffemusic Il y a mois
Setlist please!
Michael DuBon
Michael DuBon Il y a mois
Jackson, please play: YOU LOVE THE THUNDER 😂
Weiss Meos
Weiss Meos Il y a mois
Best wishes and you and me.very like you stay out the load
CeeMe Il y a mois
Starcloud Hidden
Starcloud Hidden Il y a mois
A simple thank you
Starcloud Hidden
Starcloud Hidden Il y a mois
Makes me hunt & hurt 1st love Thank You 💫☁️👣 💞🕊️🌍🌎🌏🕊️💞
pcarrizales Il y a mois
This was an great performance, but this doesn't hold a candle or anywhere close to the 80's performances. I'm so glad to have experienced Danny, Rosemary, Leland,.Rosemary Butler (super bad ass), and David Lindley (a true virturoso) all the very best.
Donatella D'Amico
Donatella D'Amico Il y a mois
Chissà cosa non è piaciuto ai possessori dei 354 pollici in giù ....saranno sicuramente grandi intenditori di questa cippa lippa!!
Marie Antoinette Gates
Marie Antoinette Gates Il y a mois
A prayer for the pretender ❤🙋‍♀️
Marie Antoinette Gates
Marie Antoinette Gates Il y a mois
Music for our lives❤
Karen D Sparks
Karen D Sparks Il y a mois
I Love his genius lyrics, sound good to my soul!
Jackson Browne
Jackson Browne Il y a 9 jours
Thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate you for loving and supporting my music and I would love to know you more if you don’t mind.
Jeff Cohn
Jeff Cohn Il y a mois
Can't wait to see you with James Taylor in May. Your songs are the story of so many peoples lives. God bless you, you are a true genius!
Richard Carew
Richard Carew Il y a mois
I used to know a guy... played harmonica... seem to hear .. something... like they can make it talk 👄
Richard Carew
Richard Carew Il y a mois
how does that song go... 15 guitars... 15 restless women.. 3 conductors... 25 sacks of mail... male?... spelling check... off... you know that song too... I bet.... restless women... gotta watch out for restless women did you know that guitars are... mostly.. just stuff... I checked... a couple of times... putting em up the spout... you better pawn it, babe... no diamond rings... fresh out... hmmmmmmmmm?... eeeny... meany... man... did you ever try one of those Swedish electric guitars.. I still miss that one... 14 down... one at a time... I, and my lovely wife, missed no meals... like women we have loved and lost... sometimes we find a real friend... friends don't belong to us.... we have to treat them with... respect the Swedish one... made me sound like that dude in the Eagles... when.. if... hahaha.. I grow up... I want to learn how to make it sound like him.. it did.. the last few times I played it.... Nirvana is found just up the string... somewhere... over the Rainbow 🌈.. I'm still looking for it
藤波博 Il y a mois
Shala Taebi
Shala Taebi Il y a mois
The violinist's sound and voice is a perfect match to Jackson's. What a tight band!
Colleen Bonniwell
Colleen Bonniwell Il y a mois
Grand!dot it❤
Colleen Bonniwell
Colleen Bonniwell Il y a mois
🎀Take it easy honey 🎀
Colleen Bonniwell
Colleen Bonniwell Il y a mois
⬆ Precious human energy ⬆
Colleen Bonniwell
Colleen Bonniwell Il y a mois
Ellen McCullough
Ellen McCullough Il y a mois
One of our most loved singers...always will be till our last hours on this planet.
Richard Carew
Richard Carew Il y a mois
ya know... my mom's last name was Brown... none of that fancy spelling in Oklahoma, I suppose.. sooner be in Texas... or... California... paradise... work 💪.. .. family... wonder if?... cousins mebbe.. now... if I could only figure out a few more chords... practice.. practice.. ah well.. thanks for sharing your music, bro... made my life a little better.. every time
Richard Carew
Richard Carew Il y a mois
running behind... uh oh... I'm late.. I'm late... for a very important date 📅 no idea.. just popped up...maybe someone knows something I don't... very very possible
Richard Carew
Richard Carew Il y a mois
the StarFire Family wishes you Peace and Prosperity ad Infinitum 🙏Peace ✌☮ Namaste
Richard Carew
Richard Carew Il y a mois
so... I don't have to wait up for the sun... 4:20.. every morning... I thought it was a joke... nope.. bright eyed and bushy tailed... and.. I have a pal who wants to help.. Dr Punkin loves his daddy's breakfast... coffee and cannabis... to watch the sun come up over the mountains
William Cassone
William Cassone Il y a mois
ProHorizon Il y a mois
It sucks big time that this guy doesn't give a shit about pronouncing his words in a way YOU CAN FUCKING UNDERSTAND WHAT THE FUCK HE'S SAYING. So fucking stupid. Lazy musicians.
Joe Ceonnia
Joe Ceonnia Il y a mois
Jackson Browne is a soundtrack and background of my life, some days I felt Doom and Gloom but listening to Jackson heals all my wounds...thank you...
Julie Il y a mois
His words are beyond beautiful and soul-piercing...but his melodies...ah, his melodies bring tears and smiles and transport my soul to a beautiful timeless place. 💙
David Jackson
David Jackson Il y a mois
I first started listening to Jackson in 1972 when I read an essay David Crosby wrote about young songwriters. Ran out and grabbed Saturate Before Using. And was hooked from the moment I heard Doctor my eyes Ben a fan ever since. The man is timeless. He's an American treasure.Let the music keep our spirits high!!!!!
Cristina Lexy Reef Tank
Cristina Lexy Reef Tank Il y a mois
🎸🎵True Great artist!👈 His voice always remain the same amazingly quality,same as Elvis did. My favourite album "running on empty"
Lisa Smith
Lisa Smith Il y a mois
Surf Gentleman
Surf Gentleman Il y a mois
BelRiose2000 Il y a mois
"dancing in the embers with the wind" Beautiful prose.
Daina Imperiale
Daina Imperiale Il y a 18 jours
Slays me!! ❤
goodthing52 Il y a mois
"Now there`s a world of illusion and fantasy, in the place where the real world belongs. Still I look for the beauty in songs " Jackson has always tried to make this a better world to live in. Always. And for everyone. We are blessed to have him.
Brian Ambrose McMahon
Brian Ambrose McMahon Il y a mois
Jackson is that ripple of hope that Bobby Kennedy spoke about in his 68 campaign 🙏🏼🌺⭐️🇦🇺 🇺🇸
mytimebox1 Il y a mois
00:18 - Black and White 07:12 - I'm Alive 12:54 - Farther On 18:51 - The Naked Ride Home 26:21 - Live Nude Cabaret 30:57 - Sleep's Dark and Silent Gate 33:32 - The Pretender 40:34 - A Child in These Hills 46:38 - Tokyo Girl 51:32 - These Days 58:04 - In the Shape of a Heart 1:04:34 - The Late Show 1:11:06 - I'll Do Anything 1:17:21 - Running on Empty 1:23:36 - Take it Easy 1:29:05 - Rock Me On the Water 1:35:03 - Before the Deluge
Sheryl Edwards
Sheryl Edwards Il y a 17 jours
Kathy Yansick
Kathy Yansick Il y a 21 jour
....really beautiful Sleeps..... Blown away
Kathy Yansick
Kathy Yansick Il y a 21 jour
...thanks for that I screen shot it so I can find those, ....I only was listening to 5 songs ....SOoo much more I love this and I love the story telling parts ....just makes me smile .......(walk away ladies but fully clothed lol)
Robert Lipscombe III
Robert Lipscombe III Il y a 23 jours
thank you...very nice of you... :)
Alan Fleming
Alan Fleming Il y a mois
On behalf of millions, I thank you Jackson for the beautiful music you have given us and the hope for a better world
Larry Mullen
Larry Mullen Il y a mois
Saw him live back in 1978.... Just the same timeless wonderful melodies. Some things don't need to change.
CoryD Il y a mois
So many great comments from people who for once agree on something together! And that’s what music has the potential to do! And thank god music exists for our hearts and souls! I know it’s what gets me through! And Jackson Brown is a musical savior! Thank you sir! 🎶
Elizabeth Hastings
Elizabeth Hastings Il y a mois
"keep a fire burning in your eyes, pay attention to the open skies, you never know what will be coming down..........i don't remember remember losing track of you, you were always dancing in and out of view, i must have thought you'd always be around".... I always need "For a Dancer" when I lose someone important. And yes Jackson, I can remember the words too....if I close my eyes and sing them....
Jackson Browne
Jackson Browne Il y a 9 jours
Thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate you for loving and supporting my music and I would love to know you more if you don’t mind.
Daina Imperiale
Daina Imperiale Il y a 18 jours
Beautiful!! I adore this one. ❤ And yes when we lose someone...I play this song, as well. 💜 Stay safe and well. Thank you for sharing ~ Blessings, love and peace.
Robert Mackie
Robert Mackie Il y a mois
He's still so great as a composer, performer and lyricist, such a talent!!!
d mendez
d mendez Il y a mois
Late for the Sky... goose bumps and tears every time... even when I am watching Taxi Driver. Jackson, thank you and everyone who made it all happen for us... thank God for you, Joni and so many many more.
mike pratt
mike pratt Il y a mois
Quite wonderful.
Terrance Wade
Terrance Wade Il y a mois
What a peaceful, lovely, beautiful concert I have enjoyed! Beginning to end,, gotta hear it again! Thank you, Jackson Brown & band!!!
Bruce Denis
Bruce Denis Il y a mois
"Judge, I would like to enter into evidence the video titled 'Jackson Browne - I'll Do Anything'. I will reference said video to support my claim that Val McCallum is the best session guitarist that ever lived."
Terry Stowers
Terry Stowers Il y a mois
I second that motion.
Garold Counts
Garold Counts Il y a mois
I am not segesting he is our savior, but he speaks truth and puts all on the line without a political agenda. As Dylan puts it, may he stay forever young
Garold Counts
Garold Counts Il y a mois
this is fantastic every day I listen, and I listen every day. JB is better than JC. he is
R. Nowlin
R. Nowlin Il y a mois
i really want a photography pass for the boise show who can i call Ill do a great job
April s
April s Il y a mois
I only wish Warren could be here too, together in my imagination is so sublime
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