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Chris Brown

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This Is Chris Brown - Celebrating 15 years
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isky 315
isky 315 Il y a jour
If he didn’t do that thing with riri he would be number 1
Tarah Colwell
Tarah Colwell Il y a jour
So 15 years of Chris Brown.... Does anyone remember 1996? One Cannot Help but wonder if Chris Brown was planted from The East Coast in California to be ears and eyes of what’s going on in California on behalf of the East Coast Vs West Coast War that we was told was over??? If you’ve lived in Arizona & California beyond 1996? You’d know right away that the War wasn’t over yet..... So what goes around comes back around again.... If you become a murder witness to someone who became famous shortly after his 2010 killing spree in Arizona & California? You know you’ll see that individual killing again..... When Hopsin got dissed on “Born Sinner” by J. Cole more than once? The only thing I could do was go into hiding; because I felt Hopsin & J. Cole were both equally important to The Hip Hop music industry...... So I sacrificed myself and my fame right after I had over 20 thousand thumbs down because I didn’t want to see things escalated out of control...... Why? Because I knew it was only a matter of time where I saw my partner in crime and killing from 2010 onward Jermaine Cole would allow me to see him killing again and save my life again like in 2010.... 2018/2019 was no different to me in Arizona and California..... J. Cole was there like clockwork to protect me on the frontlines of a war zone in Arizona again.... Over what? My neighborhood being angry at me for smuggling in NAS “It was written” in 1996. What did the locals do to people who brought in East Coast Gangster rap in 1996? They’d use it as an excuse to blow some guys head off and tell you that could be you if you return to Arizona..... So I acted up at my Grandmas home that year so I could continue listening to East Coast Gangster Hip Hop without anyone showing me their loyalty to “Snoop Dogg”. I’ve seen New York Gangster Rappers Shooting guns and killing sprees for several years of my life.... As for Snoop Dogg? I’ve only seen his loyal subjects dying in honor of their California Loyalty or dying because they are a “Californian Trader”. So Tha Terizzer has been labeled a “Californian Trader” from 1996 onward, and had 408 & 209 accuse me of not being loyal to snoop Dogg.... I still haven’t met Snoop Dogg personally, but I’ve seen so many dying in honor or of one guy..... So I had witnessed J. Cole killing people but not Hopsin, so I didn’t want either one to get hurt by getting in the middle of Tha Terizzer’s battles that J. Cole knows more about than Hopsin.... Why? J. Cole was the one pulling the trigger more than once.... So as far as I’m concerned? From Tarah’s perspective Jermaine is Tarah’s hero by protecting me several times, and we unfortunately we don’t get to say hello to one another because bullets are normally flying in Arizona or California whenever Tarah Larson Tha Terizzer or J. Cole are around each other...... Hopsin wouldn’t know that because he wasn’t there...... The Climb Back.... Tha Terizzer took that as J. Cole’s answer to Tha Terizzer’s Jacobs Ladder..... Valid Questions? Which is more important? Becoming famous? Getting or letting go? Tha Terizzer tried to let go in 2013/2014 because I didn’t want to see people dying like 1996 again over Snoop Dogg loyalty on my perspective.... When it’s New Yorkers who are protecting me in California & Arizona...... More Death than WW2 caused.... It was the only way Jermaine could answer me with The Climb Back because Tha Terizzer learned that it takes almost 10 years to have Jay Z entrust you enough with his murderS and dirty work...... The Payment? Tha Terizzer got to live.... As far as I’m concerned? J Cole has been Tarah’s solder and protector for almost 11 years now...... So I didn’t want to witness so many people dying again.... Way worse than 1996 for me. Those images still haunt me more than you know..... I didn’t want to see this shit Happening again..... Unfortunately 2018/2019 a crypto currency drug war in Arizona for loyalties to one group or another....... from my perspective? Jay Z vs Snoop Dogg Vs Sean Combs vs Nicki Minaj vs Drake Vs Hopsin, Eminem vs Chris Brown, Vs Cardi B, All trying to take Tha Terizzer out of the equation...... Why does everyone seem to want Tarah dead and not alive?
#Autêntico Ls
#Autêntico Ls Il y a 2 jours
🇧🇷Team Breezy🇧🇷
desiree marquez
desiree marquez Il y a 2 jours
TELLY FYE Il y a 2 jours
kinda disrespectful to put drake verse in there
jDrip Tv
jDrip Tv Il y a 4 jours
Who else been here since run it
Cícero Souza
Cícero Souza Il y a 4 jours
Le Min Officiel
Le Min Officiel Il y a 4 jours
PowerHouse Il y a 4 jours
The greatest performer of the generation. Best dancer of any performing artist there's ever been. Don't play drakes part though yall trippin LOLLL. Play a mashup of his hits, tf..
Strap Hahn
Strap Hahn Il y a 5 jours
OC Editing Studios
OC Editing Studios Il y a 7 jours
15 YEARS???? Wow
Slavia nerima
Slavia nerima Il y a 7 jours
cachet burton
cachet burton Il y a 8 jours
MY BABY THE MOTHERFUCKIN GOAT 😩‼️🔥 can’t wait for this new album 🥺
Nowrin Mumu
Nowrin Mumu Il y a 8 jours
My most favourite artist in this whole world
JustForLaughs Il y a 10 jours
King of R&B 💯
YungPablo978 Il y a 10 jours
Mike-C4 Il y a 11 jours
Yo Chris breezy youre my biggest music influencer i make music because of you thanks for all the great talent and entertainment stay positive bro 🙏
RIYAN PYNGROPE Il y a 11 jours
Big fan of Goat
Kalice JM.
Kalice JM. Il y a 12 jours
i love this man so much 💜
Rahma ABdi
Rahma ABdi Il y a 14 jours
I’m soo proud of all that he’s achieved like wow big up Chris mfkin breezy
Rahma ABdi
Rahma ABdi Il y a 14 jours
Team breezy all the mfkin way
TANVIR Karib Il y a 14 jours
RaXnn Il y a 14 jours
Its great to see a known woman abuser is doing good in the music industry with this climate.
Shainlee Saqib
Shainlee Saqib Il y a 15 jours
How To Learn
How To Learn Il y a 16 jours
If i could dance like him ill forget walking normally
WOO Forever
WOO Forever Il y a 17 jours
Been a fan since I was 6 or 5 maybe 4 idk
Corina\TM Il y a 17 jours
🔥Hot girl.. Sweet Tea☕
Zay Il y a 18 jours
I hope Chris Brown stars in a Disney movie because he’s a great singer
JudahMourneth Il y a 18 jours
You can thank Rihanna for him not being bigger than what he’s supposed to be.
ClickJhayceeTV Official
ClickJhayceeTV Official Il y a 20 jours
my Legend NExt to MJ
Leo Augusto
Leo Augusto Il y a 20 jours
The best 🔥🔥🔥
satnav1980 Il y a 21 jour
Graffiti is my favourite album.
Jairo Martinez Tello
Jairo Martinez Tello Il y a 21 jour
how many of hiting rihana?
Brody G.
Brody G. Il y a 21 jour
Let's not forget this man beat Rihanna.
Pspctv.1 Il y a 8 jours
He did way more than just try an kill Rihanna, like he’s been arrested for assault on multiple occasions, fuck he even chucked a rock at his mum.
Pristine Il y a 22 jours
What is this tacky video
Jordan DCO
Jordan DCO Il y a 22 jours
Collab with Lil Nas X please 🥺🥺🥺 I'm a big fan haven't been one for long but I love your music keep up the good work ❤️☺️❤️
XXXTYR!N L Il y a 23 jours
Been a fan since 2009
Alicia Godfrey
Alicia Godfrey Il y a 23 jours
I’m so glad ur back Chris brown I missed u i through u died ....
lunaJ Il y a 25 jours
much love from korean fan💕
Staylowqueen Il y a 25 jours
A legend 🖤
Christine Ogaro
Christine Ogaro Il y a 27 jours
Still the best😎😎
Naomi Acosta
Naomi Acosta Il y a 27 jours
He must of been a God in a past life. He is mad talented in so many aspects.
Shari Pajimola
Shari Pajimola Il y a 28 jours
yf G/-/OST
yf G/-/OST Il y a 28 jours
Angelface Howard
Angelface Howard Il y a mois
I absolutely love Christopher he can't do anything wrong in my eyes!💯 Evolving into a real master piece like always can cause them to not say thank you because you got it and you simply was blessed with the real and true magic and can't no one ever take it from you!💯 No matter what will be or what has happened in the pass at the very end of each day we are all humans and because we are not perfect we are and will make many mistakes cause at the end of the day we all are so very far from imperfection and that is the real truth of it all that simply can't be reckoned with withoutut any major approval cause whether you like it or not... Mr. Chris Brown is differently the the true chosen one amen and enough said!🔥🙏💖💯🍓💋💋💋💋 I love you CB always and forever Angel Face!💯💖
Dubc fam
Dubc fam Il y a mois
I love these Mashups, please make more
Actresspreneur TV
Actresspreneur TV Il y a mois
one of the best performers in the world
TJ Williams
TJ Williams Il y a 29 jours
Check out this video of Manny Pemberton he should open for Chris Brown⬇️ frfix.info/news/qnbJmGaPlKCAj2U/vid-o
Actresspreneur TV
Actresspreneur TV Il y a mois
Francisca Ima
Francisca Ima Il y a mois
Higgins11 Il y a mois
15 years of the goat
Nemo Il y a mois
AnlJms Il y a mois
still breezy vibes until the end🔥
TJ Williams
TJ Williams Il y a 29 jours
Check out this video of Manny Pemberton⬇️ frfix.info/news/qnbJmGaPlKCAj2U/vid-o
Stefan Stankovic
Stefan Stankovic Il y a mois
Chris Brown is my king ✌🏾
Keme Owhonda
Keme Owhonda Il y a mois
Daryl Stephen
Daryl Stephen Il y a mois
Really sucks that he didn't live up to his full potential. Was such a promising youngster with so much raw talent. Associated with the wrong people and made bad decisions.
kulpassorn Sahem
kulpassorn Sahem Il y a mois
Yes is Chris Brown 👍🏻
Agris Kondrats
Agris Kondrats Il y a mois
You are the best
Klissaura R
Klissaura R Il y a mois
ode to the King the Goat
Three C's
Three C's Il y a mois
The best of all times 💕 Talent unmatched 🔥
RoyalEnigma Il y a mois
All the media talk about is Justin Bieber. Breezy been through a lot and has shown musical growth like no other artist.
John Wick
John Wick Il y a mois
Michael Jackson would be so proud of him if he was alive..
Mary Kamsu
Mary Kamsu Il y a mois
Niny Flo Vincent
Niny Flo Vincent Il y a mois
I need a 15 year rewind❤️❤️❤️
Niyah Davis
Niyah Davis Il y a mois
my loveee
Janae Monroe
Janae Monroe Il y a mois
Song music ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Letitia Reed
Letitia Reed Il y a mois
Stop playing with him !
Skyaisha Howard
Skyaisha Howard Il y a mois
I love you ❤️ .
Claudia Gama
Claudia Gama Il y a mois
make a song with Adam Hicks ! please 🔥🔥🔥🔥
W Sawyer
W Sawyer Il y a mois
This is DOPE
Malik Aesthetic
Malik Aesthetic Il y a mois
Nemo Breezy
Nemo Breezy Il y a mois
This fire
illuminate X Music
illuminate X Music Il y a mois
Moonlight Bae
Moonlight Bae Il y a mois
Team breezy 🤍🤍🤍🤍
Steffi Dieguita
Steffi Dieguita Il y a mois
Felicidades ami chris aaww yeah toda esa trayectoria te amo mucho🥰🤩❤😁
Seydina Niang
Seydina Niang Il y a mois
The real goat!!!!!!
Bomzayga Zaygatron
Bomzayga Zaygatron Il y a mois
Alain Rugwiro
Alain Rugwiro Il y a mois
The goat
Pyt Cali
Pyt Cali Il y a mois
Chris I love you so much🥰🥰
Roy Sanchez San Miguel
Roy Sanchez San Miguel Il y a mois
Thanks for your music chris I loved your music 🤩🤩
Yuhhdats Bri
Yuhhdats Bri Il y a mois
Nassour Barrack
Nassour Barrack Il y a mois
Throughout those 15 years, you have never ever disappointed me that's why I believe that you are THE GREATEST. Live long GOAT
CBreezy uzzi
CBreezy uzzi Il y a mois
Yoonavi XXIII
Yoonavi XXIII Il y a mois
Ur the GOAT of RNB!! Pls dont retireeee. 😭
Tapashya Saikia
Tapashya Saikia Il y a mois
Yessss....he is my baby❤️ he's the superior nigga😘😘😘 @chrisbrown
Ama 2000
Ama 2000 Il y a mois
Pepeng Mabangis
Pepeng Mabangis Il y a mois
Since day one 👌
Leandro Santos
Leandro Santos Il y a mois
King 👑
cosmic hustler
cosmic hustler Il y a mois
I been there since day 1 when "run it" was on the radio all day. I was in 9 grade then
Sweet Cathy Pelaez
Sweet Cathy Pelaez Il y a mois
Soy tu fan Desde tus inicios Chris ❤️
Ba lls
Ba lls Il y a mois
Trash human...
kthrn rzjv
kthrn rzjv Il y a mois
Amadou Ndiaye
Amadou Ndiaye Il y a mois
One of the GOATS
Shakira Deija
Shakira Deija Il y a mois
I remember the first time I ever saw Chris Brown in 2005/2006 🥺 been a fan for soo long wow
Frank Mwambeni
Frank Mwambeni Il y a mois
Happy 15 years for you
tripple me
tripple me Il y a mois
Been here since I was a little kid ❣️
Malakai Musa
Malakai Musa Il y a mois
This is so gooooooodddd
Naim Ismail
Naim Ismail Il y a mois
Been a fan since I was a kid...no regrets tho
Bella Il y a mois
A team breezy since 2008 boo i can't get enough 🔥🔥🔥
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