Piloting a GIANT MECH!
Swinging From Web Shooters!
Just Cause Grappling Hook!
Il y a 11 mois
Thanos Sword Build!
Flying a JET SUIT!
Tyrone Velasco
Tyrone Velasco Il y a 31 minute
He looks more like Zeus lmao🤣
Nabil Irsyad
Nabil Irsyad Il y a 31 minute
He just become silver surfer but water surfing.
Loleight Triple
Loleight Triple Il y a 33 minutes
The lipo falls out out the cannon contusions lol, cool cannon do
Nabil Irsyad
Nabil Irsyad Il y a 33 minutes
Let me guess, next they gonna make a lightsaber with plasma crystal and without that gaspack thingy.
Rendang Chicken
Rendang Chicken Il y a 34 minutes
Spider web with infinite strenght is possible. Its about science. In homecoming peter made a formula and it does work in real life but we need to expand its molecule
ROBOkillerTheT-rex Il y a 34 minutes
Russia wants to know your Location
MadMax Il y a 34 minutes
I have tried this and now he is dead. You are f*cking *&#^$&!
Arjun Il y a 35 minutes
James:Gets wakandan shield Microwave: My time has come
guntursatria 41
guntursatria 41 Il y a 36 minutes
Light saber in real life
B & B Schroeder
B & B Schroeder Il y a 36 minutes
I don’t care what others say, this is insane. Props to you!
ishak675 Il y a 37 minutes
5:32 he looked like the time keeper in spy kids
rock climbing33
rock climbing33 Il y a 39 minutes
Wow amazing!!
Oli Taggu
Oli Taggu Il y a 39 minutes
Glass exploding is unintendtionaly accurate. If u Remember Mace Windu vs Palpatine Scene From Revenge of the sith.
wa rf WAErf
wa rf WAErf Il y a 40 minutes
L4S3RB0Y17 XD Il y a 41 minute
Do more collars together
Zeq Il y a 41 minute
Does someone knows what they used as the "Lightsabler controller" ?
Screw The Net
Screw The Net Il y a 42 minutes
I prefer these types of vids. But I get it, the flashier ones brought in all your subs. *shrugs * Such are the times we live in. :P NOice vid! ^~^
blue dragon
blue dragon Il y a 43 minutes
I love technology and programing and i would say im decently good at it but i feel i'm to young to work on it. I'm 12
RiseNdShine Il y a 43 minutes
I love how this big buff dude jujimufu is strong as heck and acts like a 10 year old playing with toys made for destruction this is just so awesome
JustAFrogWithAHat Il y a 44 minutes
That doesn’t seem... Safe
Yvng Bratz
Yvng Bratz Il y a 44 minutes
Thats cool. Now make a iron man suit.
Vɪᴏʟᴇᴛ So2
Vɪᴏʟᴇᴛ So2 Il y a 44 minutes
Imagine how much bank he can rob
George W88
George W88 Il y a 44 minutes
James is imposter
Rage Boy
Rage Boy Il y a 46 minutes
U should collab with Micheal reeves
otis hawkridge
otis hawkridge Il y a 46 minutes
You should make the bow, from horizon zero dawn, next.
WingZero616 Il y a 46 minutes
not bad but still miles away from a real light saber.
200,000 is weak
Insane Gamerzz
Insane Gamerzz Il y a 47 minutes
I am a kid just 12 I like to make RC projects I see u and take inspiration and I am making a drone but because of less money I am not Abel to make it I want to came to u and take Ur help to make the drone If this became real so I will be so happy that I will die 😭😭😭
ت ط
ت ط Il y a 49 minutes
Wach alex burkan
Lexus Lodiomon
Lexus Lodiomon Il y a 51 minute
Try to make real life rocket punch
funtime_foxy455 Il y a 52 minutes
You guys should try and do a proper fusion reactor. And I mean proper.
Mr.Moose Il y a 53 minutes
Wait couldn't you have just used a real plasma cutter to cut the hinges off
Janelle Morla
Janelle Morla Il y a 53 minutes
In the future I think you are gonna make time machine
BSCorner Group
BSCorner Group Il y a 54 minutes
Wow guys how come you didn't throw the kitchen sink aswell 🤣
uros gaming
uros gaming Il y a 54 minutes
Yoda:watch your career with great interest I will
Guillaume Kempf
Guillaume Kempf Il y a 54 minutes
Do irl rocket league pls
2乛OP丨 SLAYER Il y a 55 minutes
I think after 15 to 20 years we will get this in real life means we can use it
dkm_info Il y a 55 minutes
Sad that iT stopped working
BSCorner Group
BSCorner Group Il y a 56 minutes
All you need is 5 more lightsabers and 4 more arms 😎
King Mozki
King Mozki Il y a 56 minutes
When he talked about how much they build from Ironman already it just sounded unreal
Jose Antonio
Jose Antonio Il y a 56 minutes
Lol LM, the Game where you need to Pay to grow some might. It takes months for a f2p player to reach a certain level
burnerpric Il y a 57 minutes
Me I eat fruit
cupy gamer54
cupy gamer54 Il y a 57 minutes
Build a tokamak that actually generates energy (or can't u guys do that?)
David Wong
David Wong Il y a 57 minutes
I find these people annoying.
Drake Magnum
Drake Magnum Il y a 58 minutes
Congratulations Hacksmith!
Billy San ビリーさん
Billy San ビリーさん Il y a 58 minutes
Me a weeb who sleeps in 7 am and wakes up in 8 am:weaklings
NightcoreGamer YT
NightcoreGamer YT Il y a 59 minutes
Could you create the Elucidator sword from Anime Sword Art Online that would be so cool Greetings from Germany
Mohjap Singh
Mohjap Singh Il y a 59 minutes
iPhone 12
Narwhaleian 's
Narwhaleian 's Il y a 59 minutes
Well will these guys get to the point where the governments like aight u need to stop
Midnight Mystogan
Midnight Mystogan Il y a heure
Here in the Philippines the first smart eye glasses invented. People here use that to pirate cinema movies.
Zoe Kenfield
Zoe Kenfield Il y a heure
you should make some sort of green lantern ring that would be so cool!! Like if you want them to do it ⬇️
lorenzo melito
lorenzo melito Il y a heure
I thought they were using plastic explosive but it was a simple firecracker
Victor Il y a heure
Wow crazyy. If you make it more fluid it would be so awesome !!
Jasonz W
Jasonz W Il y a heure
jonathan joseph
jonathan joseph Il y a heure
Michael Reeves: Hold my taser
李艳 Il y a heure
Can you make a small gunpla that can move by controlling?
GreywolfStudios74 Il y a heure
You guys have the coolest job in the world...Im sooo gonna kill my guidance counselor! lol
Mashiba xxx
Mashiba xxx Il y a heure
Hire me 😭 even as a janitor
SKELETOR MYAH Il y a heure
This is the part where he nearly died 10:24 (Joke btw)
GhostlySavage 99
GhostlySavage 99 Il y a heure
U can survive a zombie apocalypse 😂👌
Ahmed Karrar
Ahmed Karrar Il y a heure
Star war yahoo
Jager Null
Jager Null Il y a heure
among us is toasted I played 5 game yesterday and got 3 with hackers
Nathaniel Clarke
Nathaniel Clarke Il y a heure
Tony Stark
Tony Stark Il y a heure
Very very cool very cool
Allwyn Alex Puthet
Allwyn Alex Puthet Il y a heure
Nathan Il y a heure
High powered blow touch but still really cool
Jacob Dineley
Jacob Dineley Il y a heure
He's wearing the wrong type of suit and tie
tommy murphy
tommy murphy Il y a heure
congratulations on 10m guys 🙏🏻
Izak Badenhorst
Izak Badenhorst Il y a heure
Wer can i get one
Jacob Dineley
Jacob Dineley Il y a heure
I so want to try to buy some of this stuff
Ryan Jarvis
Ryan Jarvis Il y a heure
I can think of many misusing of that haha but cool base line for lightsabers :)
Mariogamer 2536
Mariogamer 2536 Il y a heure
This guy will be the real tony stark you heard it hear first people
Jacob Dineley
Jacob Dineley Il y a heure
This guy makes the coolest stuff
GoldSamurai XGoldin
GoldSamurai XGoldin Il y a heure
This guy is a legend
R. L.
R. L. Il y a heure
Plocký Il y a heure
I know i would be doing anything with it... but i want this workshop xD
冰拿鐵不加糖 Il y a heure
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Shut Up Motovlog
Shut Up Motovlog Il y a heure
This is fail...
David Chase
David Chase Il y a heure
Im pretty sure they also made dis video so ppl know who the crew of the hacksmith is
Ömer Faruk
Ömer Faruk Il y a heure
The bullet is quite unstable, if you drill a hole from the back, maybe 1/3 of the way it might be more stable