Sleep Krowalysis Demon
Sleep Krowalysis Demon Il y a 43 minutes
So im confused, And i only listen to the Japanese so is this talking funny Phoenix man Diliuc or is it the guy at the end named Dainsleif ?
Dean Grey
Dean Grey Il y a 44 minutes
Boys : waiting nintendo switch release Mihoyo: xD
Karina Il y a 46 minutes
Me: why tf I don't get Diluc?!!!! Meanwhile Diluc:
俊RK Il y a 46 minutes
Diluc shouldn't of had sold off his father's mansion. Now look where he's sleeping at night.
Cristall TV
Cristall TV Il y a 47 minutes
That was cool ! I also heard that the game will most likely go on for 4 years- we have so much coming I’m so excited! All the characters ajdbskdhsksu- my f2p heart hurts
si said
si said Il y a 48 minutes
Another era !!
Amir Hamzah
Amir Hamzah Il y a 48 minutes
"Timmie! Here's.....your.....pigeon!" diluc says as he swings his sword, releasing a very big red bird towards the young boy and his flock of harmless pigeons.
ErosCardo Il y a 53 minutes
"But I will always remember how much she too, loved these flowers." Wait... is he referring to Ganyu!? I hope its not a deathflag
Dasha Geek
Dasha Geek Il y a 54 minutes
Грустный чел недовольный
CatLover123 4
CatLover123 4 Il y a 54 minutes
I love this. My favorite character vibing by a fire, perfect
Renan Resende
Renan Resende Il y a 56 minutes
Mihoyo we know what you did here with Canon in D
Belixffvl Il y a 56 minutes
I haven’t decided to play this yet- but I’ll probably play it tomorrow or after a couple a days, still needa do the tutorial tho
sauce? Il y a 58 minutes
Man the music in this are so disgustingly good! Especially the transition from Liyue into Inazuma part, I got chills 😆
- DragonsAtFlight -
- DragonsAtFlight - Il y a 58 minutes
me watching this after reading the manga *heck yeah.*
funnyfatcat Il y a heure
Bro if leyney and leynette are playable characters I hope they're classified as a single one, like a duo taking a single character slot
B pang
B pang Il y a heure
Dadluc is now sadluc
Lew Tx
Lew Tx Il y a heure
DIluc's face totally doesnt fit his entire body at all....
Dropsdee TV
Dropsdee TV Il y a heure
always diluc in my favourite list party
Master Jai
Master Jai Il y a heure
0:53 his voice is like his foul legacy transformation tho....
zuluna gameplay
zuluna gameplay Il y a heure
Diluc dps de brigar com a jean
Lunatic - Brawl Stars
Lunatic - Brawl Stars Il y a heure
Just me or Fireside Rest sounds like Canon in D
Skatte Il y a heure
Yeah his head's still too big.
mkuehter12 Il y a heure
PLEASE MIHOYO Let us sit down wherever we want in game!
Lupilù 99
Lupilù 99 Il y a heure
Anyone who just discovered this now thanks to tectone?
Milky Breadsticks
Milky Breadsticks Il y a heure
Zhongli no cap has the best character trailer
Dr Coomer
Dr Coomer Il y a heure
Shen is currently having a seizure
L. Lawliet
L. Lawliet Il y a heure
"Then, the threads of all fates will be yours to re-weave." Doesn't this mean I get a lot of fates? Like for summons? What if at the end of the story in Genshin Impact, you get all the characters for free?
ImminentFailure Il y a heure
0:22 after rewatching this several times I finally noticed that Aether was happily agreeing to Klee's request
Lillio Deart
Lillio Deart Il y a heure
Sasuke Left the Group
Sasuke Left the Group Il y a heure
Diluc:Charging his burst near the campfire “To kill The pigeons once again”
Nana Vang
Nana Vang Il y a heure
It feels so illegal to watch this for free-
CrissyYT Il y a heure
WIll Genshin Impact ever have an animated/Anime counter-part?
FailClanProduction Il y a heure
Everyone is talking about the music and how edgy Diluc is. But can we talk about the important stuff? We need those emote/camera maybe even cinematic recording options in the game! Also please hide the entire interface whenever i press "hide interface", stuff on the bottom right is annoying lol!
Memilicious Il y a heure
Bruh I just want this on Switch already!My PS4 broke down and my phone easily overheats when I play this.
Ashelia00011 Il y a heure
If Aether is the focus of the entire Teyvat chapter, i hope Mihoyo will also make chapters focusing on Lumine since none of the mentioned chapters here has the one relating to the Unknown God that the Twins fought at the Prologue.
NeoV Il y a heure
Kapan diluc kawin
your deadmanツ
your deadmanツ Il y a heure
ok mihoyo has done it, i'm hyped God i can't wait for the osts in Inazuma region
Jordan Nelson
Jordan Nelson Il y a heure
Teyvat chapter? What are you implying Mihoyo?
Jason Shen
Jason Shen Il y a heure
Diluc: It's beautiful, I have been looking at this for 5 hours now Kamera Man: hold on a lil longer
Jimmy's Il y a heure
I need a Diluc-style weekend :)
Blary Diboy
Blary Diboy Il y a heure
canon :o
кσηєχ r
кσηєχ r Il y a heure
This just came to mind, what if dainsleif is Aether from the future, and something tragic happens later on that will make him choose between two paths. One is becoming Dainsleif or not. So because of this maybe Dainsleif/Aether wants to see what would had happened if he had taken the other path
Arthur Vasconcelos
Arthur Vasconcelos Il y a heure
that's Diluc thinking about Jean all day long... haha
FAiLEdWiN GaMiNG Il y a heure
diluc is like tomioka
Vii Sovari
Vii Sovari Il y a heure
I need him. *NOW*
FruitBat Official
FruitBat Official Il y a heure
so the fireside rest theme is a mix of Pachelbel's Canon with a hint of the final fantasy opening theme...
ABANGKERE Il y a heure
I pretend this as Canon in the Mondstadt (Sounds like Canon in the rock to me)
Carmen Williams
Carmen Williams Il y a heure
so basicly it goes element = what they are the god of = gender = place 1- anemo - freedom - he - mondstad 2 -geo - contracts - he - liyue 3 -electro - im stupid so i didnt catch this one - she - inazuma 4 -dendro - wisedom - he - sumeru 5 -hydro - justice - she - fountain 6 -pryo- war - she - natlan 7 -cyro - ??- she - snezhnaya Also teyvat being chapter one or sum like that ... lmao dont hold your breathe its gonna be a long one. + the acts like 1.0- 1.9 aand how its gonna be for each of them. thats like 70 acts... + kaeya being born in snezhnaya, maybe just maybe ( its only a theory) he could be a fatui, and if his not this act is most def gonna invlove him. thats is home nation, where his father who left him is in.
Natalia Roslavleva
Natalia Roslavleva Il y a heure
Thank you Mihoyo, I absolutely love all of Diluc’s theme melodies ❤️
HeroXAS Il y a heure
Pov: you're walking in a random field and a dendro slime is following you
Marie_ Ashly
Marie_ Ashly Il y a heure
bruh the soundtrack made it look like it will have a SAD ending
So? Judging from the Ost and from what we already have what are we expecting? Monstad- Netherlands Liyue- China Inazuma-Japan Sumeru-Egypt Fountaine-(?) Idk but it gives me European feels, I'm thinking of England Natlan- spanish-related country Sneznaya- (?) maybe Russia
@carroti yeah, I thought about that, but I'm not completely sure
carroti Il y a heure
snezhnaya is definitely based on russia
Paul Gastardo
Paul Gastardo Il y a heure
Isnt this just Canon by Pachelbel composed in like the 1700s?
Boo did i scare you
Boo did i scare you Il y a heure
3:26 look like ficshl's brother
moonfire18 Il y a heure
0:11-1:11 People waiting for the resin be like:
R3mis348 Il y a heure
I need dates when these are going to be realesed
• blᴀɪR DʀᴀWᴢ STuff •
• blᴀɪR DʀᴀWᴢ STuff • Il y a heure
I expect Diluc to be bored since He always says " I'm not interested in small talk" He's just there~ all alone~
Ghostly Il y a heure
I hate the Dawn Winery theme because it's not original. It pulls you from the immersion.
xAnubis92x Il y a heure
I, Diluc, have a dream..... I want to be a VineStar
Lithe White
Lithe White Il y a heure
Speed runner : I feel like I can defeat final boss in 6 hours. move on my teammates! Paimon : You shall not pass. we only have Act 1 Diablo : That Survival strategy
JDCFx Il y a heure
Is dainslef from Aether and Lumines universe, and he is there father? Sounds probable
mustafahusham1 Il y a heure
It’s all fine and dandy until you remember those characters are going to be in the shop for 3 weeks and then disappear forever and us F2P people are stuck looking at FRfix videos of those characters
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki Il y a heure
One question about the little boy on the bridge talking about my dad left is there going to be more information about him or no?
Kusuo Saiki
Kusuo Saiki Il y a heure
smells like free diluc
Alangator 4
Alangator 4 Il y a heure
Those Fontaine characters doe 😳
carroti Il y a heure
right they bouta make me act up 😳😳😳
esther st. aude
esther st. aude Il y a heure
There's an anemoculus on the house. Diluc should get it instead of sitting around.
Sasuke Left the Group
Sasuke Left the Group Il y a heure
Wow nice prologue “Meanwhile genshin giving delivery quests /:>”
Prantas S
Prantas S Il y a heure
He should really invite the knights of favonius next time.
Dong-hyuuun Il y a heure
Ehehe screamed about this for maybe 20 minutes, I'm happy about it but also sad it's not here yet, I feel as though this story could get a whole lot sadder very quickly
ᏀᎪYrreira Il y a heure
Alguém joga comigo esse jogo,tô aprendendo ainda se afins..Faz pouco tempo que peguei level 25. Tô buscando uma companhia para ter uma boa experiência do jogo,sozinha tá foda
Kamal Kyo
Kamal Kyo Il y a heure
Do you want more players, add the arabic language
ᏀᎪYrreira Il y a heure
Alguém joga comigo esse jogo,tô aprendendo ainda se afins..Faz pouco tempo que peguei level 25. Tô buscando uma companhia para ter uma boa experiência do jogo,sozinha tá foda
Anderson Santos
Anderson Santos Il y a heure
can i find this song somewhere ?
Hyewon Kim
Hyewon Kim Il y a heure
pention to have the diluc banner come back or have him as a FREE CHARACTER OBTAINED IN A EVENT POG?
Yukari Il y a heure
Yukari Il y a heure
kalev 666
kalev 666 Il y a heure
Algún día te tendré Dilic.. algún dia
kyungmon Il y a heure
2:30 I stand around dawn winery just to hear Lone Sojourner.. it’s so pretty
big poopie
big poopie Il y a heure
cyno hot frfr
Miltia Riu
Miltia Riu Il y a heure
At 0:56 what instrument is that?